Supporting the design of urban regeneration and upgrading projects

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Request for expression of interest for selection # 1277987

Assignment Title: Supporting the design of urban regeneration and upgrading projects in priority areas of Prishtina
Publication Date: 01-Dec-2021
Expression of Interest Deadline: 13-Dec-2021 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.)
Language of Notice: English

Assignment Description

The objective of the activity is to support the Municipality of Prishtina to design and implement urban regeneration and upgrading projects in priority areas of the city that will support low-carbon, sustainable and inclusive urban development by focusing on areas with high climate-related and local pollution challenges. The activity will i) outline priority urban regeneration and upgrading investment options for selected areas of the city, ii) develop inputs into conceptual designs for priority investments, including costs, iii) highlight benefits of the priority interventions relative to sustainable urban development objectives in the Municipal Development Plan and beyond, and iv) explore possibilities to scale up these interventions (including international best practices). The activity will be conducted in a highly participatory manner, based on a comprehensive stakeholder engagement, capacity building, communication, and outreach plan. The expected outcomes will be that Prishtina will have improved capacity to identify and implement urban regeneration and upgrading as well as green infrastructure design options aligned with climate-smart urban development scenarios. The overall development objective is to support Prishtina to develop along a more sustainable trajectory and make it a more livable city to be financed by various sources, including the World Bank.

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