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Employment Platform


The Jahjaga Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded by the former President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga. The general mission of the Jahjaga Foundation is the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans, through social inclusion and support for marginalized groups, as a precondition for peacebuilding in the region.


The Jahjaga Foundation invites interested companies, non-governmental organization, and individual professionals to submit their proposals for development of an online platform which will serve as a bridge for employment match-making between potential employers and candidates from marginalized groups. We aim to contribute in building an equal society by offering opportunities to those who may need it the most, and may not have an easy access to the job market due to the factors that marginalize them.

Introduction of the project

The aim of this project is to build a platform that will serve as a database for potential employers and candidates, and will enable match-making by connecting the skills and knowledge requested by the employers to those offered by the candidates. It will also offer information about relevant training and other capacity building opportunities. The platform will also provide profiles of candidates with relevant information, in which businesses will have access, through filtering the industries or sectors of interest.

This request for proposals includes instructions in the following areas:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Deliverables
  3. Application process
  4. Timeframe
  5. Evaluation criteria

Technical specifications

Design and develop an online web-based platform. The platform should provide the dashboard, which will enable administrators to access and manage the database, and a public page in which potential employers, candidates, and other interested parties may have access to some general information.

General requirements  

The platform should meet the following minimum general requirements:

  1. Be developed in a programming language which allows future modification/scalability (i.e adding new modules);
  2. The information should be managed through Content Management System (CMS) having the minimum following features but not limited to:
    • Adding/Editing/Erasing new pages
    • Adding/Editing/Erasing new widgets (menu buttons)
    • Adding pictures
    • Adding text
    • Adding video from social platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter)
    • Adding/Editing/Erasing of categories
  1. Be easy to navigate based on best practices of User Experience for audiences with less experience in using technology;
  2. Be designed based on latest visual trends, while using the Jahjaga Foundation brand identity;
  3. Be responsive for mobile phones, as well as other similar devices;
  4. Have an over 90 score in Google PageSpeed Insights testing
  5. Be multilingual (Albanian, Serbian, and English).

Specific requirements

The platform should have the following specific modules: the database and the public page. These two modules must be interconnected, ensuring that the specific information recorded in the database become available in the public page.

The database

Main categories

The database will be designed and developed focusing on three main categories:

  • Candidates for employment
  • Employment opportunities
  • Training opportunities

In each category, the administrator will be able to open a page to register new entries. Each entry will contain a set of open ended and multiple-choice questions that will be filled in order to create the profile/description of the candidate, employment opportunity, or training opportunity. There will be required and optional questions, and some of them will be a part of the profiles that will be available in the public page. This information can become available by clicking a check-box or a similar function that will automatically publish the profile in one of the three categories mentioned above. Within the profile there will be keywords that will enable the platform administrators to match candidates with employment and training opportunities, by filtering the database through those keywords.

Match-making filter

The match-making filter will enable the administrators to identify matching opportunities based on the key-words. This section must be easy to use, and enable filtering based on one or more criteria. This section will contain, but not be limited, to the following components:

Search for (dropdown list): Potential Candidates, Employment Opportunities, Training Opportunities

Area of interest/industry:
Marginalized group:
Skills required/offered:
Level of education required/offered:
Years of experience required/ offered:
Specific conditions to be considered:

Each of these answers will be filled through keywords in the profiles entered per each category. When new keywords are added for the questions listed but not limited to the ones mentioned above, they will be automatically added in the dropdown list of the questions. For example, if a new potential candidate has an area of interest in nursing, the administrator will add nursing to the key words of “Area of interest/industry:” when they complete the candidate profile. Once the profile is complete, nursing would automatically be added in the “Area of interest/industry:” dropdown list in the match-making filter.

Once the matches are identified, they should appear in the list that offers the name of the potential candidate, employment position available, and training opportunity available. The name would be highlighted, and followed by the short description of the candidate or opportunity, which will be completed as the information on the profiles are filled.

The lists should contain no more than 10 matches, with the option of moving into next/previous pages for more. The platform should enable downloading these lists in the forms of reports in CVS and PDF.

Public page

About us

The public page will have an About us section, which will have a description of the platform, and its goals and objectives.

Main categories

The public page should be attractive, interactive, and user friendly. It will contain the public version of the three main categories:

  • Candidates for employment
  • Employment opportunities
  • Training opportunities

When users enter one of the categories listed above, they will have the opportunity to find more information about the specific profiles listed within these categories.

Section of highlights

Aside from the part with the categories, the public page will have a section with specific results, including but not limited to:

  • Number of people employed
  • Number of employers engaged
  • Number of employment opportunities offered
  • Number of people trained
  • Number of training opportunities offered

The section of highlights should also present this information using a map, where users can see visually where these opportunities are located.

This section will initially be hidden, until the data for it are collected and ready to be presented. After that, it will be publically visible. For this reason, the public page must be designed and developed having this part into consideration.


The contractor should offer hosting for a year. Following that year, the hosting will be transferred to the Jahjaga Foundation for further maintenance.


  1. Online platform per technical specifications
  2. Train the Jahjaga Foundation team on managing the platform
  3. Prepare a user-friendly handbook
  4. Technical support for 12 months if something fails, not including layout or functionality changes
  5. Hosting for one year.

Please note: All deliverables and the final product must be presented to the Jahjaga Foundation for approval. The platform will be finalized, only after the feedback of the Jahjaga Foundation team has been incorporated.

Application process

Companies/organizations/individuals that are interested in applying should prepare a project proposal in English, which must include the following documents:

  1. Resume of the interested company/organization/individual (one-page maximum)
  2. Methodology for platform design and development, based on technical specifications listed above
  3. Detailed implementation plan, ensuring that the platform will be completed on time
  4. Detailed financial offer, with specific costs for deliverables
  5. Copy of the Registration Certificate of the company or the non-governmental organization. This is not required for individual candidates.
  6. CVs of the staff that will be engaged in the project, with specific roles that they will have within this project
  7. Portfolio of similar projects, with links or visual presentation of specific products.

The above mentioned documents should be sent no later than September 26, 2021 via email addresses: contact@jahjagafoundation.org. The proposals submitted later than this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Interested parties should submit a letter of interest via email addresses: contact@jahjagafoundation.org, should they be interested to receive the answers for questions asked by different parties.


  • Publication of the request for proposals | September 13, 2021
  • Questions about the RFP should be sent by | September 15, 2021  5:00 PM
  • Answers from JF will be sent by | September 17, 2021   5:00 PM
  • Proposals must be submitted by | September 26, 2021  5:00 PM
  • Contractor will be selected by | October 1, 2021
  • Platform will be completed and submitted by | November 15, 2021

Evaluation Criteria

Criteria | Points

  • Methodology demonstrates how the platform will be created, following the requested technical specifications | 35
  • Detailed budget lines, with reasonable prices about the requested services | 30
  • Contractor's capacity to implement the project and deliver all services and final products no later than November 15, 2021. | 20
  • The capacity of the company/organization/individual to create the platform / Previous experience in similar projects | 15
  • Total | 100

Terms of References.

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