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Country: Kosovo
Project: Kosovo Digital Economy (KODE)
Assignment Title: Consultancy Company for training of young people package 5, Prizren
Ref. No. KODE/CS/
Project ID. P164188
Loan No.: 6285-XK
Issued on: November 23, 2021 


The KODE Project is structured along three components: 1. Digital Inclusion, 2. Digital Work and  Empowerment, and 3. Project Implementation Support. This assignment concerns the  implementation of the sub-component 2.1 The Youth Online and Upward (YOU) Program under  Component 2 of the Project. 

Sub-Component 2.1: The objective of the The Youth Online and Upward (YOU) Program is  to support increased access to online knowledge sources, information and online services and labor  markets of 2,000 Kosovo youth, of whom at least half are young women. Trainings will be realized  in 7 regions of Kosovo (Pristina, Prizren, Peja, Gjakove, Gjilan, Ferizaj and Mitrovica) for a total  duration of 6 months per each training course. 

Considering the evolving COVID-19 situation in Kosovo (incl. the possibility of local transmission  of different strains of a virus, or variants), all selected Companies will have to follow the most up to-date central government and municipality guidelines with regard to the COVID-19 prevention  and control. At the time of publishing this REOI, the trainings in-person are permitted in the  country, however if new COVID-19 related measures are going to be introduced by the central government in the course of the bidding process concerning this REOI or thereafter, KODE/PIU will consider the possibility of switching the trainings from in-person to online, as agreed with the  selected Companies. 


The overall objective of the YOU Program is to support increased access to online knowledge  sources, services and labor markets of 2,000 Kosovo youth (hereinafter: beneficiaries).  

The aim is to up-skill and re-skill selected beneficiaries into the training through a  competitive process and help them leverage these skills to generate income.

The present Terms of Reference (ToR) concern the implementation of two training courses  organized in the Municipality of Prizren, estimated for 90 beneficiaries in total, as follows: 

  1. Full Stack developer course and below listed soft skills - for estimated 3 (three) training  classes, each with three months in between, with 20 beneficiaries per one class, estimated 60  beneficiaries in total. 
  2. 3D printing technology training course and below listed soft skills - for estimated 2 (two)  training classes with 15 beneficiaries per class, 30 in total. 

The selected Company shall plan to deliver the trainings in-person in groups. If it is not  possible to do so due to covid-19 related measures, the trainings -fully or in part- should be  instead delivered online without any modification of outlined requirements. Any future  modification should be subject to approval from the PIU. 

The selected Consulting Company (hereinafter Company) shall implement following groups of  activities for each training class organized, separately. Training activities as part of this Contract  shall be completed within 16 months, starting from date of contract signing. Following activities  have to be completed for each training class. 

3.1 Initial preparation activities for both courses (Full stack developer and 3D printing  technology) 

  • Information and outreach campaign 
  • Selection of beneficiaries 

3.2 Training for both courses (Full stack developer and 3D printing technology)

  • Technical skills and soft skills in-class training and after-class home assignment in duration  of at least 6 months, 260 hours for each training class. 

3.3 Post-training activities for both courses (Full stack developer and 3D Printing technology) 

  • Examination Test and Certificates for beneficiaries who will complete the training. 
  • On-the-job guidance & mentorship 

Long-term YOU Program’s goals are to: 

  1. Improve economic opportunities for youth through training about specialized skills in  IT sector and linkages to the job market in Kosovo.
  2. Provide youth with the opportunity of further developing their IT skills and soft skills  in order to actively compete for jobs in Kosovo market and through online freelancing  platforms. 
  3. Create a sustainable opportunity of empowerment of young people in Kosovo.  

The Consultant (Firm or Company) should be a training provider with relevant project experience.  The work should be undertaken by a consulting team consisting of experts based in the field. 

Detailed TOR can be found in the following address: procurement-notices/ 


The selected Company must possess the following qualifications, relevant for both training  modules: 

  • Demonstrated capability in well-thought-out design and effective delivery of similar  type of training, on-the-job or employability guidance, and mentorship, as evidenced by the relevant experiences, and the qualifications and experience of professional staff.  (i. General qualifications of the company to REOI).
  • Demonstrated Excellent project management skills, including quality assurance of  work products and effective risk management. (i. General qualifications of the  company to REOI).
  • Experience working with private sector, government or international donors on similar  interventions is considered as advantage. (i. General qualifications of the company to  REOI).
  • Demonstrated Experience with conducting of wide-ranging outreach activities  effectively targeting youth. (ii. Relevant experience with similar assignments).
  • Existence or access to a functional online platform to manage trainees and provide e learning to them in class and remotely; (ii. Relevant experience with similar  assignments).
  • Demonstrated command of English and of local languages of key project management  personnel, and working level proficiency in English for key trainers teaching technical  and soft skills modules. The Company has to present a list of key staff required for this  assignment e.g qualified trainers for specific technical and soft skills module as well as  Project Manager (iii. Availability of qualified staff). 

The selected Company must possess the following qualifications relevant to Full Stack  module: 

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting impactful trainings in Full Stack Developer or  similar courses. (ii. Relevant experience with similar assignments).
  • Demonstrated experienced staff in conducting similar type of training. Please note that  only for the selected consultant will be invited to present CVs of the key staff. (iii.  Availability of qualified staff).

The selected Company must possess the following qualifications relevant to 3D module

  • Demonstrated experience in conducting trainings in 3D Design and printing technology  or similar. (ii. Relevant experience with similar assignments).
  • Preferable, the Company should provide, for key staff required for this assignment, any  certificates and related proves of knowledge and experience in realizing 3D training.

The evaluation and shortlisting criteria are:  

(i) General qualifications of the company to REOI (30%), 

(ii) Relevant experience with similar assignments (50%) and 

(iii) Availability of qualified staff (20%). 

A consultant will be selected in accordance with the Consultant’s qualifications based selection  (CQS) as set out in the Consultant’s Guidelines in Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers July 1, 2016 

Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub consultancy to  enhance their qualifications.  

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours: 09:00 to 16:00  (Monday to Friday). 

Expressions of interest must be delivered by e-mail to the address below latest on December 6, 2021 at 16:00 hours Kosovo time. 

Ministry of Economy
Base floor, office no. 12
”Mother Theresa” street, no. 36
10000, Prishtine - Kosova

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