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As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. It provides viable, forward looking solutions for political, economic, ecological and social development in a globalised world. GIZ promotes complex reforms and change processes. Its corporate objective is to improve people’s living conditions on a sustainable basis. For more information see: www.giz.de.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, is announcing as following:

Request for Quotations

The Kosovo Energy Project (KEP), commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, lasting from March 2021 until February 2023, is part of the "Energy Sector Kosovo" program of the German Development Cooperation. The program aims at sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy supply and use of Kosovar households, public institutions, and businesses.

Currently Kosovo has to draft and adapt the integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) 2021-2030. This sets new targets for energy efficiency, renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions, which are to be reached by 2030.

One of the challenges in the decade to come is making buildings in Kosovo more energy efficient. Buildings account for around 40 per cent of the country’s total energy consumption. According to estimations 30 to 40 per cent of energy can be saved in this sector. One of the necessary steps is to encourage the use of renewable energy for self-consumption in buildings, which will reduce energy bills significantly and reduce CO2 emissions that result from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity and heat buildings. This may not only contribute to making the country more energy efficient but can also improve comfort in buildings.

KEP supports partner institutions in the building sector and encourages a wider use of digital tools to get Municipal Energy and Climate Plans (MECP) in line with the NECP.

Key elements of KEP are therefore to supports the Ministry of Economy/the Kosovo Energy Efficiency Agency and the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning, and Infrastructure. The aim here is to improve the legal and regulatory framework for the implementation of NECP in the building sector. A special focus is placed on improving energy efficiency and increasing the use of renewable energy sources for self-consumption.

The second pilar that it is caring about, which is the basis for this announcement is to develop integrated digital tools for data processing for energy management, monitoring and verification at local level. This involves energy performance certification, energy auditing as well as inspecting heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC).

Finally, KEP also works to get Municipal Energy and Climate Plans (MECPs) in line with the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and to enhance the political dialogue on Energy Transition by establishing a regular exchange between politics, civil society, research and the private sector.

SCOPE OF WORK / Summary:

Kosovo has currently three different software platforms to perform tasks for energy transition in the buildings, energy management and reporting. One supports municipal energy management; one is used to monitor and report on the implementation of energy efficiency projects to the Ministry of Economy and a last one to certify the energy performance of buildings. The goal for the development of the digital solutions in this area is a system that allows the above-mentioned services to have a unified bases for exchange and process the information; the National Registry of Energy Performance in Buildings (NREPB).

The existing NREPB has some unfinished elements since its first implementation that shall be completed in the framework of this assignment. Besides this, the above-mentioned software platforms have been developed though time for different request and interests and currently they don’t communicate with each other. As a result, users will have to enter the data manually in each platform and sometimes the data may overlap or be duplicated. Since the same and similar data has to be entered individually for each platform, the process is cumbersome, time consuming, prone to errors / typos or little changes that make the data to not match when compared.

The aim is to establish a sustainable software infrastructure that allows data access and calculation software for different user groups. These user groups contain technical staff at municipalities, engineers, energy auditors, energy accessors, HVAC inspectors and governmental employees and group of users who receive certain information for scientific reasons, statistics, reporting, etc. who have limited access to information found in the NREPB.

The NREPB shall be the platform connecting different software solutions for calculation and monitoring tasks to harmonize data in the national system and allow the government to keep track of energy development to create e.g. statistics or adapt laws.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the existing software platforms / solutions and have some custom-made software modules / interfaces for all platforms to help communication and data sharing safely and securely within software platforms. This solution will allow existing software packages to continue to provide their services as intended. Furthermore, people have been trained and verified to use the existing software packages.

The assignment shall be implemented between 09.2021 and 08.2022 followed by a maintenance phase till 01.2023.


The implementation of this assignment will be conducted in the territory of Kosovo, in Prishtina. 


Interested companies should send a request for tender documents via email with reference number GIZ/83388232 in the subject line to procurement.kosovo@giz.de

The responsible GIZ officer will provide you with tender documents within a day

Bidders are not allowed to contact or discuss any aspect of the tender with GIZ before closing of the tender as it will lead to automatic disqualification. Tender documents and clarification requests must be sent by e-mail before 20.08.2021 atprocurement.kosovo@giz.de.  

All the correspondence should be in English language.


The deadline for submitting the application is 25 August 2021 at 15:00 in accordance to the bidding conditions, labelled “Quotation for Bringing the NREPB in function and connecting it with other tools” VN: 83388232.

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