Pool of Trainers (PoT) 2021-2022

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The OSCE Mission in Kosovo is selecting young trainers and facilitators aged 18 to 30 who are interested in being part of the OSCE Pool of Trainers (PoT). The PoT is a group of selected young trainers experienced in non-formal education and intercultural learning who might provide ad-hoc trainings in the youth activities inside and outside of the Mission. The objective of the PoT is to support a core group of young trainers in implementing human rights education initiatives in their own communities across Kosovo, thus contributing to empower the youth in becoming active actors of social change in their own communities. The Mission will support the establishment of the PoT with ad-hoc trainings and expertise in youth engagement, participation and empowerment. In case of being selected, you would be provided with tailored capacity-building trainings and deployed as trainers or facilitators for human rights education initiatives in Kosovo. PoT members are expected to participate in all the activities of the PoT. Membership is limited to 25 trainers and is valid from October 2021 until December 2022. Preference will be given to applications from candidates who are working on the topics and policy areas of the OSCE, including but not limited to: human rights education; interfaith/intercultural dialogue; youth participation, advocacy and lobbying; non-formal education; freedom of religion or belief; cultural and property rights; and freedom of expression; among others. The selection process will respect the balance in gender, communities, youth organizations, expertise and experience within the youth work.

Should you be interested in becoming a trainer of the Pool of Trainers, please fill in the google application below by 30 September 2021:

Should you have any questions, please contact Leman Selimi at Leman.Selimi@osce.org

Requirements of the PoT members:

  • The trainers must be active in a youth organization and/or be involved in youth initiatives in Kosovo;
  • The trainers must have a good understanding of intercultural learning;
  • The trainers must be 30 years old or younger by the end of 2022;
  • The trainers should have delivered or facilitated at least three trainings;
  • The trainers should have a good knowledge of training pedagogies, methods and methodologies;
  • The trainers should have good knowledge of the OSCE and its policies and values is a strong asset;
  • The trainers should be familiar with youth policies at the Kosovo, European and international level;
  • The trainers should be familiar with youth work realities at the Kosovo, European and international level;
  • The trainers should have expertise in one or more of the following topics: Human Rights Education, Interfaith Dialogue, Youth Participation, Advocacy and Lobbying, Efficient Meetings Facilitation, Training of Trainers in Non-Formal Education, Human Resources Management, Volunteers Management, Project Management, Funding opportunities and Fundraising;
  • Ability to train in any of the local languages in Kosovo is a strong asset;
  • Experience in working in Kosovo in supporting youth work and youth policy development is a strong asset;
  • Experience in developing new methodologies and in incorporation and usage of innovative approaches will be considered an advantage.

Rights and duties of the PoT members:

  • The trainers shall commit themselves for the whole duration of the mandate, i.e. from October 2021 to December 2022. Mandatory duties include: (i) participating in the regular PoT meetings, (ii) running or facilitating at least one activity per year. Members of the Pool will be asked to indicate their availability every time there are training opportunities for the PoT. If a trainer does not participate in any activities during the first year of his/her mandate, his/her membership will be discontinued.
  • The trainers are expected to provide their expertise to the design and implementation of activities that are proposed to them by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo or from institutional partners.
  • The trainers have to report to the OSCE Mission in Kosovo on the activities they participated in no later than two weeks after the activity. This report shall include the content of the activities, performance and evaluation of the activities as well as any other information they deem relevant. The selection of the trainer/facilitator for future activities will be put on hold until this report is delivered.
  • The trainers will be provided with the necessary information and support related to the activities and events in order to deliver the best possible results when conducting a training or doing facilitation/moderation work.


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