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Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo (YIHR – KS) is seeking to engage two (2) short-term researchers/editors for collecting, organizing inputs, and producing the first draft of the third joint civil society report on the human rights situation in Kosovo for 2021.


The annual human rights report, the 2020 version of which can be found here, provides an overview of the human rights situation in Kosovo, including the main challenges and problems in realizing fundamental rights for all people in Kosovo. This report will be compiled with inputs from civil society organizations (CSOs) focused on protecting human rights with the goals to fulfill existing gaps in joint reporting on human rights at the local and international levels and enhance cooperation between CSOs.

The researchers/editors are expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Compile and produce the first draft of the joint annual civil society human rights report for 2021;
  • Reach out to relevant CSOs that work in the field of human rights to collect information;
  • Coordinate, collect, and organize inputs to the report from CSOs;
  • Conduct extensive research on the current human rights situation in Kosovo;
  • Conduct research on the human rights legal framework in Kosovo;
  • Verify that all data and information in the report is accurate; and
  • Perform other related tasks as required.

The researchers/editors shall fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Possess advanced skills in and knowledge of research methodologies and report writing;
  • Two (2) years of experience in researching and report writing;
  • Two (2) years of experience in working with non-governmental organizations;
  • Expert knowledge of human rights and related rule of law issues;
  • Knowledge of the social, political, economic, and human rights context of Kosovo; and
  • Excellent writing skills in English.

All interested candidates should submit the below-mentioned documents by email no later than 21 November 2021 to, with the subject “Application for short-term researcher”:

  • CV;
  • Cover letter;
  • Financial Proposal for 15 working days;  and
  • Three (3) relevant writing samples.
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