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Maj 9, 2019
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Location: Prishtine, Kosove

Ymalko LLC continues the successful cooperation in distributing brands Ytong and Multipor in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.

At this time, we are searching for Product Manager who will get the opportunity to join our team.

You make a great candidate for this position if you have:

- university degree in civil engineering or architecture;
- very profound knowledge in the field of constructive engineering, building physics and statics
- experience in planning, design and construction site management
- profound Knowledge of country-specific standards and regulations
- preferable work experience in preparation of architectural projects;
- good knowledge of CAD software (preferable ArchiCAD and AutoCAD);
- knowledge of the MS Office;
- knowledge of English language;
- great communication skills;
- team spirit and eagerness to learn new skills;
- preferable driving license category B.

Please send your Applications and CV-s until 15.05.2019 to this E-mail Address: [email protected]

Only Applications which comply with the above-mentioned conditions will be considered.

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