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Maj 1, 2019
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The 2020 KAEF Online Application is Open

Thank you for your interest in the KAEF Graduate Fellowship Program. The 2020 application for the KAEF Graduate Fellowship Program will be available until 11:59 PM (EST) on July 8, 2019. Your application must be submitted by that date in order to be considered in this year's selection process.

About KAEF

The Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) is an education fund administered by American Councils and dedicated to the long-term economic development of Kosovo through the education of its people. KAEF provides up to 8 graduate fellowships per year to promising Kosovars for top-level training at select U.S. universities. After returning to Kosovo, program graduates assume leadership positions in government, business, finance, and nonprofit organizations, using their knowledge and attained skills to generate sustainable and positive change.

What Is The Application Process?

Selection of KAEF Fellows is a three-step process:

  • First, all applications are reviewed by U.S. admissions experts.
  • Second, highly ranked candidates are interviewed and tested in Kosovo.
  • Finally, the applications, test scores, and interview results of highly ranked candidates are reviewed by U.S. admissions experts and fellowship awardees are selected. Results are announced in early summer.

The KAEF program does not discriminate on the basis of ethnic origin, age, race, color, gender, religion, or disability. Competition for the KAEF program is merit-based and open to anyone.

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