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Maj 14, 2019
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Kosovar Stability Initiative (Iniciativa Kosovare për Stabilitet – IKS) has been established in 2004, with a mission of furthering the wellbeing of Kosovar citizens through empirical research, the initiation of wellinformed public policies, awareness-raising, regional cooperation, advocacy and networking.

In order to deliver on its mission, IKS works towards an overall goal of: making governance and public policy work for all peoples in Kosovo.

We believe that the best way to contribute to this goal in the next three years is through: enhancing democratic governance and human rights through increasing the availability of empirical research, inspiring well-informed and evidence based public policies; raising awareness and engaging in cooperation across borders, advocacy and networking and supporting an effective social dialogue process and promotion of cultural heritage in Kosova:

Kosovar Stability Initiative – IKS seeks for:


IKS is looking for and offers the opportunity for internship work for students who are or have completed studies in the Faculty of Philosophy, sociology and psychology, with the option of selecting schedule full time or part time.

The purpose of this program is to create opportunities for young people to apply their skills in our institution.

IKS allows you to gain experience. An Internship is a perfect opportunity to gain valuable experience which can make you more convenient for employers.

Duration: 3 months

Qualification: Student, Post Graduate candidates, Graduates and/or Senior students

Great knowledge in English (written and verbal)
Strong communication skills in written and verbal
Must show great level of commitment, enthusiasm and orientation to detail

The application deadline is until 17/05/2019

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

IKS offers equal employment opportunities.

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