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Millennium Foundation Kosovo
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Maj 9, 2019
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Government of Republic of Kosovo
Millennium Foundation of Kosovo (MFK)

Published date: April  19, 2019

The Government of the Kosovo has received grant funding of UD$49 million (Forty-Nine Million United States Dollars) from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the United States Government to enable the Government of Kosovo to implement this program and achieve the objectives of the MCC Grant Threshold agreement, and it intends to apply parts of the proceeds of the funds to payments for contracts for goods, works and services.

The procurement program for the next year will include the following:

Procurement of Goods
In the Transparent Governance Project including:
Supply of Air Quality Monitoring equipment and Data logging hard and software
Procurement of Works

In the Reliable Energy Landscape Project including:
AER -Apartment Building Efficiency Retrofits Sub-activity Works
Procurement of Services

In the Reliable Energy Landscape Project, Transparent Governance Project and Administration sector, including:
Supervising Consultancy Services for PIEE
Supervising Consultancy Services for DHM
Communication and Outreach for Judicial Data Challenge
Event Management for CMIS workshops and promotional activities
Audit Services for the threshold program
Translation and Interpretation services
Consultant for Quality Control and Advise on KAS Open Data, Individual consultant
Consultants - Jury for Open Data Challenge, Individual consultant
Content and digital media consultant as an Individual consultant
The implementation of the Women in Energy (WE) – Internship and Scholarship program
Office insurance for MFK premises and assets

Contracts for goods, works and services financed under the program will be implemented according to the principles, rules and procedures set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines, which can be found at the MCA Entity’s website.

The procurement is open to all bidders from eligible source countries as defined in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines.

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be tendered under the competitive bidding procedures and for consultant contracts will be announced, as they become available, on the MCA Entity’s website, United Nations Development Business (UNDB):, Development Gateway Market (dgMarket):, in local newspapers, and other media outlets as appropriate.

Interested eligible contractors and consultants who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive a notice of advertisements should subscribe on the MFK website under the link: and select under the list Procurement, or those requiring additional information, should contact:

Procurement manager:
Arton Çitaku – MFK Procurement Manager
Millennium Foundation of Kosovo
Str. “Migjeni” no. 21 (ex-Bank of Ljubljana, floor IX),

Postal Code:10000 Prishtina, Kosovo
+ 383 38 752 110
[email protected]

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