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Maj 14, 2019
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Issued on 13th May 2019

Functional Title: (Re-announcement) International Expert for Mobility Assessment-in support of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North
Duty Station of Assignment: Pristina/ Mitrovica South/ Mitrovica North and home office
Type of Contract: Individual Contract (Consultancy Assignment)
Duration of Assignment: 35 working days over the period 10 June – 11 October 2019
Envisaged Starting Date: 10 June 2019
Closing date for applications: 27 May 2019


UN-Habitat has been actively assisting Kosovo institutions in the field of governance, spatial planning and municipal administration since 1999. Building on the results and tools generated by the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (implemented from 2005 to 2016), UN-Habitat is now implementing the Inclusive Development Programme (2016-2020) which aims to provide a strategic, comprehensive package of support to build municipal planning and management capacities, strengthen the social contract and social cohesion, and enhance coordination within a framework of inter-municipal cooperation and multi-level governance with a view to foster inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovo. The Programme is financed by the Swedish Development Cooperation and is jointly implemented with PAX and Community Building Mitrovica and concerned local authorities in Leposavic/Leposaviq, Mitrovica South, Mitrovica North, Zubin Potok, and Zvecan/Zvecan as well as Skenderaj/Srbica and Vushtrri/Vucitrn.

Within the implementation framework of the Inclusive Development Programme in Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North, UN-Habitat supports the drafting of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). This activity will draw on local and international expertise for drafting the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North, more precisely its 3rd (Situation Analysis/Assessment) and 4th (Concept proposal - Development of framework) phases. For more general information on UN-Habitat in Kosovo, and details refer to the website: and the Facebook Page of Inclusive Development Programme:


The local and international traffic expert will share tasks and assist on preparing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for the Municipality of Mitrovica South and the Municipality of Mitrovica North, taking into account the following parameters:

  • Defining the target geographical area for the development of a detailed SUMP, addressing the entire transport system within the urban area. The geographical area proposed by the traffic experts will be approved by the Mitrovica North and Mitrovica South Municipal Assemblies.
  • Reviewing the current mobility situation of motorized (private vehicles, freight, and public transport) and non-motorized (pedestrian and cycling) transport network, physical condition, accessibility, efficiency, safety, and congestion. The Experts should assess data from field traffic recording and pedestrian and cyclist counting, surveys and questionnaires, existing studies, investment plans and documentation, all spatial planning documents (new and old), as well as additional preparatory work being undertaken by municipal institutions and private operators, the estimated population and employment by areas until 2030, demographic & socio economic data.
  • Reviewing the legal framework (central and local strategies, plans etc.) and make sure that these are taken into account for implementing an efficient mobility strategy at study area level. It is expected that this will include a dedicated department to increase inter cooperation and to coordinate studies and investment in major transport infrastructure, organizing public transport network, defining public service obligations, and contracting public transport services.
  • Compiling development scenarios through participatory processes. Evaluating development scenarios (assessing risks and benefits in terms of financial, environmental and social sustainability) and consultation of development scenarios with groups of interest.
  • Developing a mobility plan proposal for the Municipality of Mitrovica South and Municipality of Mitrovica North, including goals and objectives, by providing an integrated mobility network, increased road and public safety (especially for women, children, students, and elderly), better accessibility (for people with physical disabilities) and convenience for public transport and non-motorized transport (walking and cycling), efficiency in transport service provision, multi-modal transport options, decreased congestion, comprehensive parking policy, and increased attractiveness (i.e. good roads, junctions, sideways, squares, green areas, bus stops, shading, lighting and other street furniture design).
  • Consulting the final proposal for development concept of the Sustainable Urban Mobility plan with the groups of interest.
  • Developing the selected SUMP alternative, including a hierarchy of the roads, one-way systems, heavy traffic itineraries, exclusive right of way for public transport, itineraries for pedestrians and cyclists on the road network and on independent paths and shortcuts, street regeneration, intersection rearrangement, new or modified traffic light equipment, traffic control implementation or overhaul involving public transport priority at traffic lights, on-street parking regulations, and suggest various TMS (Traffic Management System) and/or ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) components.
  • Developing a plan of activities (with clear priorities), indicators and targets, and consultation with the groups of interest,
  • Completion of the concept of SUMP development and activity plan.


A sustainable urban mobility system is one that satisfies the current mobility needs of the people, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Such a system is well-integrated and provides higher transport accessibility, efficiency and quality for all. It is also safer, more affordable and less polluting.

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) of Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North aims to improve the connectivity by making its urban mobility system inter-connected, easily accessible, more efficient and more reliable. Its main goal is to improve the urban sustainability and environmental quality by reducing air and noise pollution and energy consumption. Further objectives include improvement of the quality of life, social equity, intermodal integration, economic viability, and urban attractiveness of Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North by ensuring that all people, businesses and other affected parties are involved and benefit from this process.

SUMP of Mitrovica South and Mitrovica North addresses:

  • All forms and modes of transport
  • Motorized transport: automobiles, buses, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty vehicles, and motorcycles
  • Non-motorized transport: walking and cycling
  • Public transport
  • Movement and parking
  • Traffic safety and security
  • Needs and priorities of all stakeholders (public and private)
  • Socio-economic efficiency
  • Reduction of pollution, congestion and use of waste resources (energy, gas).

More information here. 

Deadline for applications: 27 May 2019

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