Vocational Education and Training in the WB

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Vocational Education and Training in the Western Balkans – state of play and steps to achieving a common standard

Published 16 SEP 2021
Deadline 30 SEP 2021

“The Western Balkan economies are undertaking steps towards better integration of high-skilled professionals and significant removal of barriers under the Common Regional Market (CRM). Free movement of people, professionals, workers, students, researchers and professors must also ensure social insurance transfer within the region or a common framework on social insurance. This exercise aims to provide a factual current state of play in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in each of Western Balkans Six economies, including a specific and realistic way ahead towards creating a common, regional VET framework, coherent with the European Union (EU) standards.”

Qualified candidates are invited to send an application in line with the Open Call for Consultancy Services, reference number 079-021

Open Call for Consultancy Services (Ref. No. 079-021) 

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