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With grants, we seek to advance innovative ideas that address shared challenges by high quality regional cooperation projects. Whether you are pursuing arts, work with vulnerable groups or focus on innovative entrepreneurship, we believe regional cooperation can bring positive change to your field or community.

What We Look For

We seek organizations that aim to share knowledge, enhance innovation and engage citizens in the Visegrad region and across Central and Eastern Europe. We want to partner with those that can make a difference—no matter if you are a small civic group focused on the local community, or an experienced, nation-wide organization.

What We Support

We provide funding to a diverse range of activities in all areas of life. From small cross-border projects that strive to improve mutual understanding in the border areas to multilateral initiatives with potential to benefit people across the whole region.

How To Apply?

Visegrad Fund awards grants three times a year via three different grant programs. Check application deadlines, create your electronic application and apply online.


There are three regular calls for applications open 30 days before the deadlines of submission on 1 February, 1 June, 1 October. It is not possible to apply for funding outside of this period. Consulting your project proposal is possible only by appointment and no later than 14 days before the submission period. You can expect the results to be announced 60 days after the deadline.

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