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Functional title: Urban Planning and Policy Specialist (AKM)
Duty station of assignment: Prishtina
Type of contract: Individual Contract
Duration of assignment: Six working months (with possibility of extension)
Closing date for applications: 14th March 2021


UN-Habitat has been actively assisting Kosovo institutions in the field of governance, spatial planning and municipal administration since 1999. Building on the results and tools generated by the Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (implemented from 2005 to 2016), UN-Habitat is now implementing the Inclusive Development Programme (2016-21), which aims to provide a strategic, comprehensive package of support to build municipal planning and management capacities, strengthen the social contract and social cohesion, and enhance coordination within a framework of inter-municipal cooperation and multi-level governance, with a view to foster inclusive development and good governance in northern Kosovo. The Programme is financed by the Swedish International Development Agency and jointly implemented with PAX and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM).

UN-Habitat Kosovo in cooperation with the Association of Kosovo Municipalities – AKM has started since the establishment of the AKM in the implementation of various programs and projects. Since 2013, UN-Habitat together with the AKM have started a new phase of supporting the Collegia of Spatial Planning, institutional capacity with special emphasis on spatial planning directorates and to promote continuous improvement in the field of spatial and urban planning development (including construction), increasing accountability in processes and transparency in line with Kosovo legal requirements and principles of good public administration and efficient decentralisation. Strengthen inter-institutional and inter-municipal cooperation and coordination through dialogue and exchange of good practices. Development of sectoral policies, strategies, legal infrastructure, accountability and provision of services as efficient and transparent as possible to citizens.

Based on this long-standing partnership, UN-Habitat and AKM renewed their Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the period of January – October 2021.

Purpose of the assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is on providing technical support to the AKM from UN- Habitat for fostering inclusive development and good governance through strengthened local governments and integrated spatial planning within a framework of effective inter-municipal cooperation and multi-level governance. Moreover, the objective is to facilitate and strengthen the institutional capacity of Kosovan municipalities, particularly with the departments of spatial planning empowered to continuously improve performance of their responsibilities related to integrated spatial and urban planning and development (including construction), aligned with Kosovo’s legal requirements and principles of good public administration and efficient decentralization.

The specific purpose of the Urban Planning and Policy Specialist position is to provide on daily basis the assistance to the AKM and to serve as a liaison between the AKM and UN-HABITAT as well as with other parties towards the implementation of set objectives and planned activities. To achieve this goal the following actions must be taken:

Main tasks

Under the direct supervision of the Chief Technical Advisor and in close coordination with the AKM Executive Director, focal points of the professional staff and UN-Habitat project manager, the Urban Planning and Policy Specialist (AKM) will:

1. Provide support on the development of the joint programming for the 2021 AKM / Collegia of Spatial Planning and UN- Habitat – work plan for 2021 and implementing modalities.

  • Prepare and organize joint activities with AKM and other partners.
  • Provide support for the meetings, develop the necessary documents (agenda, invitation program etc.) in cooperation with focal points.
  • Provide support on evaluation of the implementation of the work plan for 2021.
  • Provide support on the strengthening the cooperation between local and central level government and cross municipal cooperation (promoting City-to-city dialogue).
  • Provide support effective collaboration with other policy makers in other sectors (in or out municipality) and stakeholders that leads to integrated objectives and joined-up policy toward sustainable development.
  • Provide support on the identification of the training needs for the municipalities.
  • Provide support for organizing the training for municipalities (for certain phases of the spatial planning process as well as in construction management).
  • Monitor on the monthly basis the work of urban planning directorates in the field of urban planning and construction management. List of issues and challenges to be addressed.
  • Develop the “Annual Report” of each Collegia, which in cooperation with other parties will be published in three languages in digital format.
  • Provide support for data collection as required, research and analysis, synthesis of information and mapping for Kosovo Municipalities
  • Provide logistical and administrative support and perform any other tasks which may be required by the nature of the activities.
  • Stimulate and promote spatial planning potentials in all collegiums of AKM.
  • Promote and support effective community engagement in the processes.
  • With the support of focal points to compile various online research which are related to the field of spatial planning and construction management and publish the summery and results.

2. Monitor the legal framework (adoption or amendment of laws, administrative instructions, regulation) and to notify all municipalities regularly.

  • Compile the list of laws that will be adopted for 2021 which will have a direct or indirect impact in the field of spatial planning and construction management.
  • Make proposals for the completion of the work plan for 2021 depending on the drafting or approval of legal documents.
  • Compile a list of all strategies at the national level by all ministries that have a direct or indirect impact in the field of spatial planning and distribute to the municipalities which are affected by these strategies. Build a database of all approved strategies.
  • Provide support to the analyses of the respective planning and environmental documents and legal framework (e.g. MDP, MZM, SEA, SDG’s etc) towards the implementation of the joint programming AKM and UN Habitat.

3. Collaborate with other Collegia and develop possible joint activities and coordination.

  • Draft the matrix with the annual meetings of all collegiums in order to overcome possible conflicts activities with other Collegias (meetings, workshops or conferences).
  • Observe the topics and field / content of all activities / meetings with all Collegias and harmonize them in cases when they are duplicated
  • Prepare, all the necessary presentations in Albanian and Serbia and tested in advance.
  • Assist in identifying good spatial planning practices within the municipalities and in the region and documenting them.

4. Online modality: In case of deterioration of the COVID19 pandemic situation the tasks of the meeting will be as follows:

  • Manage and organize all necessary online programmatic support and perform any other functions and tasks which may be required by the nature of the programme’s activities.

Duty Station

The work shall be performed from the offices of Association of Kosovo Municipalities in Prishtina and in certain cases from the UN-Habitat office in Prishtina. Transport to and from work will be the staff member’s responsibility. Travel to other partner municipalities will be covered by the programme.

Deliverables and Timeline

Monthly progress report to be submitted at the end of each working month detailing: key observations, challenges, progress and work planned for the following month(s). Work plans will be agreed with the Chief Technical Advisor in consultation with the AKM Executive Director on a monthly basis subject to the main tasks of the assignment (above) and in consideration of the workload priorities at that time.

Progress Controls and Payment Installments

Payment will be made in monthly installments upon completion and acceptance of monthly progress report. A time sheet must be submitted by the individual contractor, duly approved by the Chief Technical Advisor, which shall serve as the basis for the payment of fees. Final payment amount will be based on actual days worked for that month.


Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter. Good experience in the use of various research sources, among which electronic sources on the internet, intranet or other databases and problem-solving skills. Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results. Communication: Excellent and effective written and oral skills; ability to present information in a concise and accurate manner, ability to clearly communicate links between the organizations (networking) and excellent mentoring skills. Planning and Organizing: Proven ability to plan, coordinate and monitor own work and that of others. Ability to work under pressure and uses time efficiently. Identifies priority activities and assignments, adjust priorities as required. Teamwork: Works collaboratively with all parties to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by valuing other ideas and expertise and is willing to learn from others. Functional Competencies: Prefers to be flexible at work and be communicative in direct conversations, telecommunications and via email. In certain cases, at the request of the supervisor, he must also work long hours. To know as much as possible the Microsoft software package and to have a good knowledge of using the internet, the official websites of all partners and especially of the state portal www.rks-gov.net. Having as much legal Knowledge as possible for all AKM Collegia with special emphasis is Spatial Planning Law. Regular reporting on a monthly basis to supervisors.



  • Advanced university degree (master’s degree or equivalent) in Architecture, Urban Planning, Law or related fields.

Experience and other requirements:

  • Practical experience and technical expertise in related field;
  • Knowledge of online communication, networking and collaboration tools;
  • Preferred experience in graphic design – compiling maps.


  • English is the working language of UN-Habitat Kosovo Office and Albanian and Serbian language is working language in AKM;
  • Very good command of English and Albanian in reading, writing and speaking is required, while knowledge of Serbian will remain an alternative / fluency.

Special consideration

The candidate should:

  • Familiar with, and committed to the goals of UN-Habitat and AKM;
  • Respect for all team members and partner colleagues;
  • Sensitive to gender issues and issues of concern to vulnerable groups;
  • To have and show team spirit;
  • Showing maximum support for each team member and partners;
  • Be flexible and prepared to pursue goals through teamwork;
  • Express enthusiasm and willingness to sharing knowledge’s and experience with colleagues and partner municipalities;
  • Promote transparency in the process;
  • Able to work under pressure and different environment;
  • Respond to request in time;
  • Be willing to work across the entire partner municipalities geographical area, including temporary placements at other field offices;
  • Willing to take responsibility, act professionally always, and make sure tasks are fully completed;
  • Able to meet deadlines for reporting and all project work;
  • The Consultant should be available for the suggested schedule.


Interested candidates must submit an email quoting the post title and the duty station to the email address: recruitment@unhabitat-kosovo.org
with the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable for the work
  • Completion of a CV in P11 Form which can be downloaded at:
    The CV shall include information on the past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references.
  • Financial Proposal. The offeror’s letter including form for the financial proposal can be downloaded at: http://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Financial_proposal_IC.docx

Deadline for applications: 14th March 2021

UN-Habitat does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions concerning persons or companies claiming to be recruiting on behalf of these offices and requesting the payment of a fee, please contact: recruitment@unon.org

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