Urban Hackers Hackathon for the Youngsters

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TLP Alumni Association is proud to launch an open call for the Urban Hackers Hackathon for the youngsters and a competition between teams in the Hackathon framework.

Hackathons are intensive problem solution gatherings where teams will come up with an idea, create a prototype solution and present in front of a jury within 24 hours.

With the mentoring from our TLP Alumni Association IT Committee members we expect that all participants to advance in their critical thinking and structuring of technical tasks.

Secondly and more important, the winning team will have the chance to implement their idea which in the frame of this project will be a tech solution for a problem concerning any municipality in which it will be implemented.

We want “Urban Hackers” to become recognized amongst the youth, as something that inspires them to start building on their own.

Facebook Event Link

Apply here: https://tinyurl.com/y4h3bagb

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