Textbook development expert (m/f/d)

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Textbook development expert (m/f/d) Support to basic and upper secondary education in Kosovo

Job-ID: P1841V003
Location: Prishtina
Assignment period: 04/01/2021 - 03/31/2025
Field: Social Sectors
Type of employment: part-time
Application deadline: 12/07/2020

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a state owned organisation. We work worldwide in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. GIZ International Services (InS) is an integral division of GIZ. We offer the experience, the regional and technical know-how of GIZ in the global market and provide international clients with expertise in terms of economic and result-oriented services.

GIZ International Services is shortlisted for the EU-funded tender: „Support to basic and upper secondary education” in Kosovo.

The overall objective is to enhance the quality based, accountable education and training system, in line with the best international practices in the field of pre-university education.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the quality of the basic and upper secondary education sector through support to the central and local level institutions in order to:

(i) Set up and implement the mechanisms for implementation of merit based, non-discriminatory, gender-equal, and transparent recruitment of teachers and school directors;

(ii) Strengthen quality assurance functions at central, municipal and school level;

(iii) Support processes related to the drafting and revising the textbooks

Your tasks

The KE3 will be will be responsible for component 4, thus will be responsible in liaising with the MES, National Council for textbook, MEDS, the municipalities and schools in relation to the textbook development, monitoring and feedback.

Component 4

TASK 1: Contribute to building institutional capacity to implement the new Law on School Textbooks and to publish and revise school textbooks.

Your profile

Qualifications and skills

  • A Master's degree or equivalent in education or directly related discipline (social and political sciences and humanities), or 5 years of relevant professional experience on top of the 7 years of general professional experience in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education required.

General professional experience

  • Minimum 5, but preferably 7 years of professional experience in the education sector in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education.

Specific professional experience

  • Experience in leading teams in at least 1 project in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education sector addressing textbook development processes;
  • Professional experience in the field of in basic and upper secondary, general Pre-university education in the Western Balkan Countries is considered an advantage.

All experts mobilised under this contract are expected to:

  • be proficient in written and spoken English;
  • be proficient in reporting and drafting;
  • have excellent team working abilities;
  • have excellent communication skills.

Location information

The project team will be based in Prishtina. Travel to municipalities and also to education and training institutions throughout Kosovo will be required.

Start date & Period of implementation

The project start date will be determined by the Commencement Order to be issued by the contracting authority after the contract signature, and the period of implementation of the contract will be 48 months in total from this date. It should be noted that the component on textbook and on recruitment of teacher/managing staff requires a longer duration of 48 months (minimum of 700 working days)..


Please understand that we can accept and process applications in principle only, via our E-recruiting system. Following the confirmation of your successful application, kindly check your spam / junk mail folder on a regular basis, since some providers classify emails from our recruiting system as spam.

GIZ would like to increase the proportion of employees with disabilities, both in Germany and abroad. Applications from persons with disabilities are most welcome.

Please send us an updated CV in EuropeAid format in English.

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