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RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)

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Invitation to Tender  

  • Tender Title: Supply with notebook equipment to RIT Kosovo (A.U.K)
  • Reference Number: RITKOSOVOIT01/2022
  • Date: 26.05.2022

RIT Kosovo is actively soliciting bids from resellers in Kosovo who are interested in supplying with notebook computers to RIT Kosovo.   The bid should provide an itemized cost breakdown, including a grand total, for all items listed in the details section of the IT Tender Dossier available in the link below.

Entities interested to submit a tender should download the tender dossier available  in RIT Kosovo website:

Please pay attention  to all notes and special directions provided in the Tender Dossier. Bids that do not meet  these requirements will be declined. Once received, all bids will be evaluated on the basis  of the vendor’s ability to meet the requirements specified in the dossier, including long  term service and support, at the best price in comparison to all other vendors who have  submit a bid.

Lot | Item:  | Qty 
1  | Notebook Computers  | 160 - 175

Interested vendors MUST provide a complete bid no later than 14:00 on Thursday, June 9, 2022. The chosen vendor/s will be contacted by a representative of the RIT Kosovo.

Completed bids should be in sealed envelope addressed with reference number “att.  RITKOSOVOIT01/2021,” and to be delivered in person to the Procurement Office at RIT KOSOVO (A.U.K). Germia Campus, Dr. Shpetim Robaj St. nn 10000 Prishtina. Additional  questions about this request for proposal, or the bid submission process should also be  addressed to Procurement Office at

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