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"Software developer / Solution architect for digitalization of COVID-19 vaccine roll-out"

Job no: 540988
Contract type: Consultancy
Level: Consultancy
Categories: Health, Consultancy

Title: Software developer / Solution architect for digitalization of COVID-19 vaccine roll-out
Type of engagement: National Consultant
Duty Station: Prishtina
Start Date: 1 July 2021
End Date: 31 December 2021

Purpose of Activity/Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to support the Ministry of Health in increasing the capacities within the department of Health Information System to strengthen the immunization monitoring system for the COVID-19 vaccine registration, roll-out and reporting.

Scope of Work:

In February 2021, Kosovo finalized the National Deployment and Vaccination Plan (NDVP) for COVID-19 vaccines, drafted by the National Committee on vaccination with COVID-19 vaccine with the technical support from UNICEF, and approved by the Ministry of Health. The NDVP serves as one country plan, guiding the institutions on deployment and delivery of the vaccines to identified target population groups. According to the coverage target provided in the plan, 70% of the population is planned to be vaccinated by the end of the vaccination campaign.

The NDVP has 12 chapters and covers different areas related to COVID-19 vaccination, including the immunization monitoring system. For monitoring of the immunization progress, Kosovo has integrated separate modules for COVID-19 vaccination into the Health Information System (HIS), as foreseen in the NDVP.  These modules allow people to make appointments for vaccination, as well as healthcare workers to register in real time the receivers of the vaccines at the vaccination sites.

Considering the scale of the vaccination campaign, it is required for the immunization monitoring system to be continuously developed with the integration of new features and improvement of the existing ones, in order to be able to meet the needs of the vaccination campaign.

This engagement which will be placed at the Health Information System Department (HIS) department of the Ministry of Health, will increase capacities to:

  • Update COVID-19 vaccine module within the health information systems to meet the MoH needs.
  • Assess the systems architecture currently in place and working with technical staff and head of the HIS department at the Ministry of Health to recommend solutions to improving it.
  • Resolve technical problems if they arise.
  • Continually research the current and emerging technologies and proposing changes where needed.
  • Inform various stakeholders about any problems with the current software - solutions being implemented.
  • Provide updates and reports to stakeholders on product development processes.
  • Develop and maintain the software code to:
  • Enable cancellation of vaccination with multi-level approval.
  • Enable registration of vaccines that were taken outside Kosovo
  • Provide Dashboard with live data.
  • Integration with different systems like SMSF, eKosova etc.
  • Produce new static and dynamic reports as per need.
  • New forms within module like extending appointment module with new features.
  • Add interconnection with SMS gateway for enabling automatic SMS sending.
  • Integrate the preregistration module with appointment module.

Work Assignment:


Assess the systems architecture currently in place and working with technical staff and project manager to recommend solutions to improve it


Reports on the systems currently in place and further developments of the system


Resolve technical problems as they arise.


Reports on technical problems and the solutions of these problems


Update and report stakeholders on product development processes


Provide reports and updates to stakeholders on product development processes


Develop and maintain the code of the system


  • The option of cancellation of vaccination with multi-level approval is enabled.
  • Registration of vaccines that were taken outside Kosovo option is enabled.
  • Dashboard with live data established.
  • Different systems like SMSF, eKosova etc, are integrated.
  • New static and dynamic reports provided.
  • New forms within module established


Adding interconnection with SMS gateway for enabling automatic SMS sending.


SMS sending option is established


Integration of preregistration module with appointment module


Preregistration module is integrated with the appointment module


Assess the business impact that certain technical choices


Reports on the impact of certain technical features of the module

Minimum Qualifications required:


Knowledge/Experience/Skills required

  • University degree, preferably with master’s in information technology, computer engineering or another relevant field.
  • At least 5 years of experience on Information Technology related projects.
  • Experience in data security in web.
  • Certificate as a specialist for implementation and maintenance of SQL databases or MCSE: Data Management and Analytics or other related SQL certification from the vendor.
  • Certificate on web application such as certificate in .NET Framework or MCSE Web Applications by Microsoft.
  • Excellent technical understanding and familiarity with information management systems.
  • Excellent communication abilities in both written and oral forms.
  • Demonstrated ability and experience in coordination and able to work under pressure.
  • Fluency in English and Albanian is required.

Advertised: 04 Jun 2021 Central Europe Daylight Time
Deadline: 11 Jun 2021 Central Europe Daylight Time

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