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An Italian Company is looking for two enthusiastic candidates “Senior Web Developer“

Job description “Senior Web Developer”

The candidate has to know the following programming languages:

  • Node.js (advanced, at least 2 years of proven experience and work on projects in production with mass traffic volume)
  • PHP (advanced, at least 3 years of proven experience and work on projects in production with mass traffic volume)
  • Javascript
  • React.js
  • Python
  • Scripting bash
  • MariaDB (MySQL) (advanced, at least 2 years of proven experience, familiar with clustering and redundancies)
  • MongoDB
  • Knowledge and extreme familiarity with Linux based systems, and of the ecosystem that revolves around it, applied on the field with at least 3 years of proven experience on projects that have gone into high traffic volume production.
  • Excellent knowledge of the network and its protocols, ability to create complex networks interoperable
  • Knowledge of the Google Cloud suite with at least 2 years of experience, design, virtual machine implementation and scaling, HA (High availability) with load balancer and CDN
    Api with which it is useful to be familiar:
  • Facebook Messenger Api
  • Facebook Marketing Api
  • Slack Api


  • GitLab - Git
  • Pm2
  • Nginx
  • JSON
  • WebServer REST​
  • Daemonizing
  • Manage webhook queue
  • Unix - Linux system
  • Ssh

Our ideal candidate would meet the following requirements:

  • A good level of writing/speaking/understanding, English or Italian (both languages would be even better)
  • Ability to lead a team remotely:
  • Ability to work with a timeline and meet deadline;
  • Ability to assign and control tasks to manage the own and team’s work
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on company’s success.

We offer a competitive salary based on the candidate’s experience and qualifications.

Interested candidates can send CV (CV with photos and in the language Italian or English), at our email address  and specify in the subject of the email the position they are applying for.

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