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We are looking for a Sales Representative for our office in Prishtina, Kosovo!

Job responsibilities:

  • Identify new clients (both companies and physical people) through effective networking
  • Introduce website to people, companies, dealers, property dealers (Real estate Agencies), etc.
  • Developing a database of leads through referrals, telephone, face to face meetings, calling to business owners/general managers/responsible people, direct mail (post mail) it is needed, e-mail and networking.
  • Analyze the customers and classify according to age, items, income, and location. Understanding their needs and offering the right services.
  • Being the first point of contact with the client including as the initial technical reference point and communicating effectively to manage client’s expectations to ensure they receive great feedback.
  • Build relationships with stores, property dealers and companies through phone calls, emailing and face to face meetings.
  • Present the benefit of using to the advertiser.
  • Measure the customer's satisfaction and design plans to increase the number of subscribers.
  • Each salesperson (marketer) should build their own customer list which they will be responsible for.
  • Regularly update the dashboard to track all sales activities.
  • Follow your tasks. Make sure you complete the tasks on time (before the due date).
  • Gather information and sharing it with your manager.
  • Consult about customers, sharing problems about advertisement and advertiser in a group which is already created.
  • Participating in sales activities related to processes and tools
  • Attend physically in training sessions and get a plan to improve the website.
  • Identification and analysis of competitors’ websites and products.
  • Identify and analyze new markets / new online stores.
  • Meeting monthly sales KPI (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Consultation about consumers.

Please apply by 20th of July, at

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