RFP: Development of Web Interface and API Framework

Checchi and Company Consulting
Checchi and Company Consulting
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KOSOVO Commercial Justice Activity
Request for Proposals No. CJA-1901-002

Development of Web Interface and API Framework for Enforcement Management System

  • RFP No: CJA-1901-002
  • Issuance Date: 29.07.2020
  • Request for full documentation 04.08.2020 15:00 Kosovo Local Time
  • Questions Due Date: 10.08.2020 15:00 Kosovo Local Time
  • Closing Date and Time: 28.08.2020 15:00 Kosovo Local Time

Checchi and Company Consulting, Incorporated (Checchi), an international consulting company based in Washington, D.C., is currently implementing the USAID-funded Commercial Justice Activity in Kosovo (Program). The Program is being implemented over a period of five years.

The Commercial Justice Activity (Program) is developing an Enforcement Management System (EMS). This system will be intended to streamline the office environment for Private Enforcement Agents (PEAs) in Kosovo in carrying out enforcement activities under the Law on Enforcement Procedure.

The Program will develop the data flow (logic) portion of the EMS and the database consisting of tables, stored procedures, functions, and reports. The selected Subcontractor will develop the web user and API interface portions following specifications designed and managed closely by the Program.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued in order to identify a qualified and capable company that will collaborate with the Program to develop the Enforcement Management System

Interested companies should request the detailed Request for Proposal, SOW, and other Annexes by no later than 04.08.2020 15:00 Kosovo Local Time by submitting in writing the request to KosovoCJASelection@checchiconsulting.com, Please state the RFP number, the name of company, name and position of person requesting the documentation.

Complete proposals must be received at the e-mail address: KosovoCJASelection@checchiconsulting.com no later than the closing date and time shown above.  Late submissions and incomplete proposals will not be considered.

Checchi reserves the right not to award a service contract to any Offeror.  All costs associated with submitting a proposal are the sole responsibility of the Offeror. Checchi will not pay any costs associated with the proposal.