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Request for Proposals

E- learning platform


The Jahjaga Foundation is a non-governmental organization, founded by the Former President of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga. The general mission of the Jahjaga Foundation is the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans, through social inclusion and support for marginalized groups, as a precondition for peacebuilding in the region.


The Jahjaga Foundation invites interested companies, non-governmental organizations, and individual professionals to submit their proposals for development of an e-learning platform which includes a number of modules on different topics of gender equality. The aim of the project is to provide various opportunities to learn about gender equality, raise awareness of Kosovo citizens about equal rights for both sexes, the role of women in peacebuilding and democratic development, and the benefits of gender diversity for different entities, and the society overall.

Introduction of the project

The e-learning platform will contain multiple modules, each of which will have a minimum of two to three segments. The module is a class on a specific matter, which will include all the content related to that topic. The module can include multiple segments, in different formats like quizzes, reading materials, and animated content. To begin with, the e-learning platform will contain five (5) modules, and will include the functionality to easily add more.

This request for proposals includes instructions in the following areas:

  1. Technical specifications
  2. Deliverables
  3. Application process
  4. Timeframe
  5. Evaluation criteria

Technical specifications

  1. Design and develop an e-learning platform to be accessed via the Jahjaga Foundation webpage. The platform will be hosted on a subdomain of the Jahjaga Foundation webpage (jahjagafoundation.org), and will include three main sections: 1.1. HomePage, 1.2. My Account Page, 1.3. Specific pages for individual modules.

1.1. Homepage will be designed and developed as per the following instructions:

1.1.1. Once you enter the Homepage, a pop up box will appear with two options: Register and Log in. The Registration Form should include basic instructions on how to open a user account, as well as request the following information: Name, Surname, Gender, Municipality, and Email Address. It will also request the user to set and confirm their password. Once the user is registered, they can access the account through the same window.

1.1.2. The Homepage will contain a list of all the available modules, which will provide an overview of the content that the platform contains. Furthermore, anyone who enters the Home page can see video trials (10 seconds extracted from the full module) and module overviews (textual material) for each module. To see the videos one has to hover on or click to play the video. In order to access the full content of a specific module, one would have to have an account and log in.

1.1.3. The Home page must be user-friendly, and ensure that all steps are easy to follow.

1.1.4. Through the Homepage, users that are logged in can access specific modules or put them on a watch later list, through which they can easily access them later.

1.2. My Account page will be designed and developed as per the following instructions:

1.2.1. My Account page should be easily accessible at the top right of the Homepage, by clicking on the name of the user.

1.2.2. Once users click on this section, they can access the modules that they've interacted with, including 1) modules they have put on their watch later list, 2) modules that they have started and are in progress of completing, and 3) modules that they have completed. In this section, users can also find their quiz results, as well as the function to save, download, and print their certificates.

1.3. When logged in, from the Homepage or My Account page the user will have access to an overview of different segments that will contain quizzes, animated content, reading materials, and other similar material. Each segment will have their own layout. There will be 5-10 different layouts, each associated with a different segment:

  • Entry page
  • Quiz
  • Reading material
  • Animated presentation (to be uploaded)
  • Videos (to be uploaded)
  • Pictures (to be uploaded)
  • Discussion Forum
  • E- Certificates

The overview of different segments will include the following:

1.3.1. There will be the entry page to the module. This will include the introduction to the module, the available time to complete the module, the syllabus with details on the topic and subtopic. At the end of this entry page, users will have to click start to begin the course.

1.3.2. Following the start of the course, users will have to take a pre-quiz, which contains multiple choice questions. After the first quiz, the users will move on to an animated presentation with audio, and then to some reading material, and then to another quiz, and so on. Each of these segments must be easily added, modified, or deleted by the administrator. The platform should enable the ordering of segments as needed/preferred, and ultimately through that order finalize the whole module.

1.3.3. Each segment should have the necessary functionality to easily input translated content in three languages (Albanian, Serbian, English), from which the users can choose. The Jahjaga Foundation will provide the content in the respective languages.

1.3.4. A feedback box should appear after the completion of each module, which should enable users to rate the module. This should appear as a pop up box.

  1. Develop a multi-language Learning Management System (LMS), compatible with modern browsers that will have, at minimum, the following functions:

2.1. Create user roles that include, but are not limited to: a) LMS administrators, who will maintain the system and accounts, b) Module operators, who will add/modify/delete segments and/or modules, c) Data analysis operators, who will have access to the database of users and can access platform analytics, and d) Regular registered user.

2.2. The platform should have the function of adding, modifying and deleting user profiles. It should also allow the resetting of passwords.

2.3. The option to update the content, including whole modules or individual segments, must be provided and must be easy to use.

2.4. Ensure that the platform has the option to easily update, upload and create new modules in the future, without any restrictions.

  1. Provide analytics and generate reports, as per the following instructions:

3.1. The analytics of the platform will include names, emails of the registered users, and the progress of each applicant in their registered modules.

3.2. The platform should have the option to filter the content based on different parameters, which include but are not limited to gender, municipality, and quiz results. Once the filters are chosen, the platform must generate reports, and enable the function to download them as .csv or .pdf files.

II. Deliverables

  • Finalized e-learning platform as per technical specifications
  • Five modules integrated into the e-learning platform
  • Train the Jahjaga Foundation team on the LMS based platform
  • Prepare a user-friendly manual
  • Technical support for 12 months if something fails, not including layout or functionality changes
  • Source code for the platform.

Please note: All deliverables and the final product must be presented to the Jahjaga Foundation for approval. The platform will be finalized, only after the feedback of the Jahjaga Foundation team has been incorporated.

III. Application process

Companies/organizations/individuals that are interested in applying should prepare a project proposal in English, which must include the following documents:

  1. Resume of the interested company/organization/individual (one-page maximum)
  2. Methodology for platform design and development, based on technical specifications listed above
  3. Detailed implementation plan, ensuring that the platform will be completed on time
  4. Detailed financial offer, with specific costs for the first two deliverables at minimum
  5. Copy of the Registration Certificate of the company/organization. This is not required for individual candidates
  6. CVs of the staff that will be engaged in the project, with specific roles that they will have within this project
  7. Portfolio of similar projects, with links or visual presentation of specific products.

The above mentioned documents should be sent no later than October 16, 2020 at 5:00 pm via email addresses: contact@jahjagafoundation.org. The proposals submitted later than this deadline will not be taken into consideration.

Interested parties should submit a letter of interest via email addresses: contact@jahjagafoundation.org, should they be interested to receive the answers for questions asked by different parties.


  • Publication of the request for proposals October 8, 2020
  • Questions about the RFP should be sent by October 13, 2020  5:00 PM
  • Answers from JF will be sent by October 14, 2020   5:00 PM
  • Proposals must be submitted by October 16, 2020  5:00 PM
  • Contractor will be selected by October 20, 2020
  • E-learning platform will be completed and submitted by November 16, 2020

Evaluation Criteria

The received proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Criteria | Points

  • Methodology demonstrates how the platform will be created, following the requested technical specifications | 35
  • Detailed budget lines, with reasonable prices about the requested services | 30
  • Contractor's capacity to implement the project and deliver all services and final products no later than October 27, 2020. | 20
  • The capacity of the company/organization/individual to create the platform / Previous experience in similar projects | 15
  • Total | 100

Full Terms of References.

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