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Request for Expression of Interest

  • Country: Kosovo
  • Project ID: P165485
  • World Bank Project Name: Municipalities for Youth in Kosovo
  • Contract Identification No.: M4Y-2-CS-QCBS

Facilitating Partner NGO(s): Mobilization, training to targeted youth and technical support on sub-grants implementation


The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has received a grant in the amount of US$ 2.79 from the Japan Social Development Fund, administered by the World Bank, to support socioeconomic inclusion of marginalized youth in Kosovo. The grant is being implemented by a Project Management Unit (PMU) in the Ministry of Local Government (MLG). The Municipalities for Youth (M4Y) in Kosovo Project aims to improve cooperation and trust between youth and local governments by enabling local governments to address youth socioeconomic needs through better-targeted youth initiatives and services. Building on the Municipal Performance Management System (MPMS) – a performance-based incentive grant system implemented by MLG to provide financing for municipal capital investments, the M4Y project will earmark funds to selected municipalities for youth-driven and youth-selected subprojects with the purpose of improving the delivery of youth-related small infrastructure and services at the community level. The project will be implemented in minimum 10 municipalities across Kosovo and include municipalities from minorities.

The project is structured around 3 components:

  • Component 1: Subgrants for Youth-Driven Community Development Initiatives;
  • Component 2: Youth Stakeholder Training;
  • Component 3: Project Management and Administration, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Knowledge Dissemination.


Youth programs in Kosovo tend to reflect donor or line ministry priorities with local governments remaining on the investment decision making for youth. The Municipalities for Youth (M4Y) in Kosovo Project will enable municipalities to directly address youth socioeconomic needs through earmarked funds to selected municipalities for youth-driven and youth-selected subprojects. This approach will increase cooperation between youth people, communities and municipalities, ensure local ownership and promote the sustainability of youth programming. To strengthen participating municipality’s youth orientation and youth’ capacity to design and implement community development initiatives, M4Y component 2 implementation will be supported by Facilitating Partner NGO(s) as described in this TOR.

The objective of this assignment is to carry out outreach campaigns, youth training and mentoring, capacity building for municipal staff, social accountability, and provide facilitation support to subprojects in selected municipalities.  The FP-NGO(s) will work closely with the MLG PMU, staff assigned by municipalities to support youth and M4Y community and subproject volunteers throughout the community subproject cycle. The FP-NGO(s) are likely to consist of one leading FP-NGO (large, national/international NGO) with multiple regional FP-NGOs (small, preferably regional or local NGOs). The regional FP-NGOs can be sub-contracted or be part of a FP-NGOs consortium. The leading NGO will be responsible for development of mobilization procedures, training curriculum, communication material and follow-up support guidelines to be implemented consistently by the smaller NGOs. The FP-NGO(s) will provide this support in accordance with the procedures outlined in the project operations manual (POM).

Scope of Work

To achieve the above objectives, the scope of work for the FP-NGO(s) will focus on three areas of activity: 1) preparation and mobilization support; 2) development of curriculum and training; and 3) implementation support and coaching to youth groups and municipality staff. These activities will be undertaken in the framework of Component 2, including the mobilization process, skills development, through subproject development and implementation support in targeted vulnerable communities.  Specific tasks will include:

1)         Preparation and Mobilization Support

2)         Curriculum Development and Training

3)         Subproject Implementation Support and Coaching

FP-NGO Teams Structure

The assignment will be managed by a Core Team (CT) within the Leading FP-NGO which will be responsible for the overall work program, curricula development, technology-enabled training and peer-to-peer networks, baseline collection, volunteer management, specialized trainings, etc. The CT is responsible for ensuring consistency and quality across field activities and will submit quarterly subproject progress reports to MLG PMU. The FP-NGO CT is proposed to include the following members:

  • 1 Project Manager based in Pristina
  • 5-7 Key experts experienced in the core technical areas of the assignment to develop curriculum; oversee and lead training (training of trainers, municipal staff and community volunteers); and coordinate outreach, volunteering and implementation support. The proposed Experts include:
    • Mobilization and Communications Expert
    • Curriculum Design and Instruction Expert
    • Digital and Networked Technologies Expert
    • Gender and Youth Inclusion Expert
    • M&E and MIS Expert
    • Municipal Capacity Building Expert
    • Financial Expert
    • Technical Expert

Implementation of outreach, youth training and subproject implementation support activities will be conducted by Regional Teams (RTs) part of smaller regional or local NGOs. To ensure field presence, the FP-NGOs will have regional or local offices aligned with locations of participating municipalities. Each FP-NGO RT will be comprised of a Regional Team Leader, and Community Trainers and Coaches (CT&Cs) commensurate with youth needs as identified in the needs and mapping assessments.  Regional/local FP-NGOs will be responsible for overseeing CT&Cs, which will consist of existing regional/local FP-NGO staff and new regional/local recruits. Requirements for CT&Cs include:

a.) Qualifications and necessary experience on community engagement, youth training and coaching.

b). Appropriate language skills for the target communities.

c). The proposed number of CT&Cs is 30-40 (gender balanced).

Reporting and Duration

The selected FP-NGO(s) will be contracted by the MLG, the implementing agency, based in Kosovo for project implementation period of 36 months with an estimated start date of October, 2020.

Qualification Criteria

The FP-NGO consortium is expected to have the following key qualifications and the ability to mobilize the Core Team and Regional Teams as described in Section IV.  Due to the criteria of experience in diverse technical areas, regions of Kosovo and experience with managing World Bank and/or funding from international financial institutions, the FP-NGO may be one NGO with regional/local partners in project areas or an NGO consortium with relevant geographic/technical expertise and experience and existing local offices in Pristina.

Specific criteria include the following:

  • The FP-NGO(s) should collectively have 5-10 years of work experience and demonstrated ability in:
    • Youth training in soft skills and civic engagement, particularly service learning and social impact innovation
    • Community-driven development approaches to addressing pressing infrastructure and service needs
    • Competition based subgrants youth programs
    • Volunteering programs
    • Social accountability mechanisms
    • Youth outreach and mobilization, including youth-centered social media campaign design and implementation
    • Municipal capacity building, including systems and behavioral change
    • Technology-enabled peer-to-peer learning
  • Familiarity with global, regional and local best practice in youth skills development, transition from school to work and civic engagement
  • The FP-NGO(s) must have the necessary material and technical base (office premises, vehicles, furniture, equipment, office equipment, communications and others) to ensure the implementation of this ToR.
  • The FP-NGO(s) must experience in building local capacity through TOT programs, coaching and back-up support to field staff.
  • The FP-NGO(s) should have a track record of implementing community-based and/or civic engagement programs financed by international donors.
  • The FP-NGO(s) must have a track record working effectively with vulnerable communities and marginalized youths, including minorities
  • The FP-NGO(s) must be able to present a team with the general experience and qualifications outlined in Section IV.
  • The FP-NGO(s) must have minim 3 years registration in Republic of Kosovo and have an open bank account in Kosovo, to manage contract funds.
  • The FP-NGO(s) must show a good standing financial records for the last two years.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Applicant technical expertise and experience implementing similar projects (60 points)
  • Availability of key experts to perform the assignment (15 points)
  • Applicant experience working with vulnerable communities and marginalized youth in Kosovo (25 points)

Selection process:

The Consulting firm / FP-NGOs will be selected according to the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers’ (the Regulations), issued in July 2016, and revised November 2017 and August 2018, according to selection based on Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS) method.

Detailed TOR this assignment is available on MLG web page: https://mapl.rks-gov.net/shpallje-konkurse/thirrje-per-propozime

Interested Facilitating Partner NGO(s) (FP-NGOs) may obtain further information about the assignment at the addresses below during office hours: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs (Monday to Friday).

Expression of interest may be submitted to Ministry of Local Government to the below stated address until 19 August, 2020

Ministry of Local Government

Address: Ex Rilindja building, Floor 13
10 000 Prishtine, Republic of Kosovo
Website: www.mapl-rks-gov.net
E-mail: To : afrim.bajrami@rks-gov.net
E-mail: Cc : Trim.Berisha@rks-gov.net

More information is available here.

CLARIFICATION # 1 to the Request for Expression of Interest for Facilitating Partner NGO(s)

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