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As an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations, the federally owned Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its development-policy objectives. It provides viable, forward looking solutions for political, economic, ecological and social development in a globalised world. GIZ promotes complex reforms and change processes. Its corporate objective is to improve people’s living conditions on asustainable basis.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, is announcing as following:

Call for expressions of interest

The GIZ project “Sustainable Municipal Services (SMS2.0)”-co-financed by the European Union invites qualified companies to submit expression of interest in providing framework consultancy services to support Kosovo Municipalities in accordance with their legally assigned mandate in the area of waste management. SMS supports municipal authorities in implementing service delivery, administrative processes and innovations; at the knowledge management level GIZ supports multiplier to scale-up reforms and assuring a broader impact and sustainability; and at national level by improving the legal framework of the sector.

The Ministry of Economy and Environment (MEE) in Kosovo is responsible for drafting the legal base for waste management, whereas the municipalities are the main institutions obliged to implement and manage the waste system. The development directions provided for in the National Strategy for Integrated Waste Management foresees improved waste management services and increased waste reduction, as well as the elimination of illegal landfills and contaminated sites in the municipalities of Kosovo.

At the local level Law on Waste No. 04/L-060,article 15 explicitly states:The municipality is obliged to provide care and remove wastes that are dumped in public spaces. The Municipality is also obliged to determinate waste disposal site and contract an operator.

Although this represents the baseline for municipal obligations on waste management it is left to municipalities how to plan and utilize the budget they assigned for the elimination and sustainable removal of illegal dumpsites. It is on the municipal side to also plan the activities and incorporate best practices for sustainable removal and avoidance for reappearing illegal landfills in their territory.

Different donors supported single actions of cleaning illegal waste disposal sites, but the most effective illegal waste dumpsites removal was undertaken under the Kosovo Clean Environmental Race (CER)2016/2017 –supported by GIZ-SMS. 17 municipalities participating in the scheme removed in average 47% of illegal dumpsites within a year.The CER performance assessment proved to be a successful tool in motivating municipalities and waste collection companies to take on the responsibility of cleaning the territory.

After the initial success, joint donor action was fostered in the frame of the Performance Grant (PG) Clean Environment, introduced in 2018. The PG Clean Environment targets all 38 Kosovo municipalities. Currently, this is the main instrument for annually assessing the amount and size of illegal waste dumpsites and their removal. During the PG assessment years 2018 and 2019, the removal of illegal landfills counted for 10 percent of overall performance scoring by participating municipalities under the grant scheme, while from 2020 onwards the PG objective shifts towards circular economy and illegal dumpsite removal will contribute up to 5 percent of overall points only.

In order to capacitate partners in reaching goals of the PG Clean Environment and support MEE in addressing the issue of illegal dumpsites, analysis on potential models for permanent elimination of illegal landfills needs to be made. With this action, SMS 2.0 program provides support to national level in development of national instruction for classification and categorization of illegal landfills and to relevant stakeholders in developing national guideline for adopting best practices for permanent elimination of illegal landfills. In order to sustainably support the implementation of measures program supports local level in developing action plan and will target 3 pilot municipalities in developing action plans for implementation of national instructions and measures for permanent removal of illegal landfills.

The checklist below provides further information about the conditions and expectations of the GIZ/SMS project. Based on responses to this Request for Information, GIZ will pre-qualify companies that will receive an Inquiry and will be formally invited to submit their offers with detailed specifications. Response to the RFI (Request for Information) does not necessarily imply that your company will receive the GIZ's “Request for Support to the strengthening of capacities for solid waste management sector in Kosovo” for Kosovo municipalities.

Based on the outcome of offers, GIZ/SMS project will offer a framework contract to the selected company. Please note that all correspondence and dealing with the GIZ must be in English language .


  1. Proof of company`s legal status (registration and/or certification documentation), company details (name, postal address bank information etc.), date of incorporation within their initial response.
  2. Companies should submit names of 5 municipalities to whom they have provided similar products as required by the GIZ/SMS project. Companies should note that referees may be contacted by the GIZ/SMS project at any time.

Interested companies are invited to submit expression of interest in English language.

The deadline for submitting the application is 28.08.2020 at 15:00 through a closed envelope to GIZ offices in Pristina, Rr. Anton Ҫetta Nr. 1, labeled “Expression of Interest in providing short term consultancy services for Support to the strengthening of capacities for solid waste management sector in Kosovo VN: 83360807”. Only shortlisted companies will be notified for further application procedures!

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