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Low-technology Justice Innovation Competition 

Request for Applications (RFA) No. 002 

USAID’s Justice Activity in Kosovo (the Project), implemented by Chemonics International, is seeking  grant applications from qualified locally registered Kosovo non-government organizations, businesses  and other registered entities to create, implement and promote innovative ideas, mechanisms and  solutions that will contribute to increasing the trust and confidence of citizens in the justice  system, and improve the service delivery of justice service providers. 

The grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with USAID and US Government  regulations governing grants under contracts and the Justice Activity in Kosovo’s internal grant  management policies. The Project has three main objectives: 

  1. Quality and Accessibility of Justice Services Improved  
  2. Citizen Understanding, Engagement, and Trust of the Justice System Improved
  3. Effective Innovations in the Justice Sector Developed 

In order to enhance the service-orientation of policies and procedures, increase the accessibility of  justice services and improve the general view of justice seekers about the fairness and trust in the  justice system, Justice Activity is initiating low-technology Justice Innovation Competition in form  of a grant(s) cycle for non-governmental organizations, business community and other registered  entities to design activities that will aim at designing innovations in the justice system in order to bring  citizens closer to justice services and increase public trust in justice system. The Activity is seeking  creative and innovative solutions for challenges listed in the full Request for Applications, that put the citizens and their needs and expectations at the forefront of the justice system.  

To qualify for consideration, interested organizations are required to complete a full grant application  and other annexes according to the eligibility criteria and detailed instructions for applications which  can be requested by email to the following address:

Applications in electronic version should be sent to the attention of Justice Activity Grants and  Subcontracts Specialist, at grants@justiceactivity-ks.org. The deadline for submitting full application is  3:00 pm on November 19, 2021.  

Chemonics is a USAID contractor implementing the Justice Activity in Kosovo.

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