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International Republican Institute (IRI)
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Procurement Number: EUROPE2020K04o
Open Date: December 23, 2020
Questions Deadline: December 30, 2020
Closing Deadline: January 7, 2021
Geographical Area Restrictions: N/A
Point of Contact: Graham Scott (

The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, self-government and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promoting democratic governance and advancing the rule of law.

IRI has funded its local subaward partner Democracy Plus in revising and expanding their website displaying election results in Kosovo in a visual manner. The website now includes data for multiple election cycles, both at the national and local levels. Users can interact with the election results data through visual and analytical tools built into the website.

Statement of Work

  1. Translations
  2. Irregular/Extraordinary Mayor elections
  3. Elected Parliament members and Parliament party seat distributions
  4. Feedback page
  5. User/visitor Tracking
  6. Analysis of results across candidates in a single party
  7. Candidate Genders and Party List orders
  8. Analysis over time – political parties
  9. Analysis over time – candidates
  10. Analysis over time at polling – center level
  11. Complete data download files
  12. General Location Search Bar
  13. CEC Election/Investigative Data Report
  14. Additional in-page Navigation
  15. Guiding Materials

Technical Proposals

All proposals submitted to IRI must include:

1. Information addressing Bidder’s experience in providing each of the services identified in the above Statement of Work and Bidder’s proposed specific approach for providing those services to IRI under this contract, including sufficient information to determine a clear definition of services as it relates to other providers that may be involved.

2. The name, address, and telephone and facsimile numbers of the Bidder (and electronic address if available). If the Bidder is a firm, name(s) should be provided for individuals authorized to conduct business on behalf of the firm.

3. Bidders may provide a list of up to three references for work performed of a similar nature during the last three years, along with contact details. IRI may contact the references to evaluate past performance.

4. If the Bidder is a U.S. organization/resident, or a foreign organization/resident which has income effectively connected with the conduct of activities in the U.S. or has an office or a place of business or a fiscal paying agent in the U.S., the information submitted must contain Bidder’s Taxpayer Identification Number.

5. Proposals will not exceed 10 pages (not including cover page).

Price Proposals

Bidders must propose a firm-fixed Unit Price for each of the deliverables identified below and in the format of the table below. The Bidder’s pricing must be valid for at least 60 (sixty) calendar days after the due date for proposal submission. The proposed Unit Price should be fixed and inclusive of all costs to perform, including inspection services, transportation, taxes, import duties (if any), and other levies. To the extent that a Bidder proposed to include any pricing not reflected in the table below, such pricing must be fully described in the proposal. Proposals must be submitted in US Dollars (USD), payments under any resulting contract will be made in this currency.

Submission Instructions

  • Bids must be submitted via email to Graham Scott, at with the subject line “EUROPE2020K04o RFP” by the deadline listed above
  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.
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