Regional Elevator Lab Bootcamp Albania and Kosovo 2020

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About the Program

This program aims to identify and support seed/early stage startups and single founders who have an idea / product / service which might have the potential to turn into an innovative solution that can be applied in the financial sector.

The Bootcamp format offers the possibility of developing a minimum viable product (MVP) with the help of local banking experts. Bootcamps for local startups provide to the startups an educational program and serve as an entry ticket to the startup world. That means that the program is looking for individuals or companies passionate in their idea who have the will and the vision to create a solution that might be valuable to the sector locally and globally.

The Elevator Lab Kosovo & Albania is powered by Raiffeisen Bank International, Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo and Raiffeisen Bank in Albania, in partnership with the Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) and New Media.

Your Benefits

There are a lot of benefits for you, if you apply in the Regional Elevator Lab Bootcamp Albania & Kosovo, including cash prize, mentorship meetings with mentors of Raiffeisen Bank Albania and Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo, trainings, media coverage & access to the Incubation & Acceleration programs of Innovation Centre Kosovo and Innovate Albania.

For our Bootcamp heroes

  • Cash prize pool of 8.000 €
  • Coaching and Support from Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo & Albania
  • Opportunity to become a partner of RBI Group with the possibility to scale up to 13 CEE markets and Austria
  • Incubation & Acceleration Program from Innovation Centre Kosovo
  • Acceleration Program and mentoring support from Innovate Albania

Who can apply

Aspiring entrepreneurs, financial services professionals and companies, that want to build a successful fintech startup in Albania and Kosovo and looking for local, innovative banking partners.

The fintech-startups offering solutions/ technology for banks and financial services should be active in one of the areas listed below. However, we also welcome any ideas, that might improve the customers overall experience with the bank.

Application phase September 30th – October 26th, 2020

More information.

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