Public Awareness Campaign Plan

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Kosovo Cadastre Agency

Submission Deadline Date/Time
Sep 20, 2021 23:00

Request for Expression of Interest

Country: Kosovo

Project ID: P164555

World Bank Credit Name: Real Estate Cadaster & Geospatial Infrastructure Project

Contract Identification No.: XK-KCA-101261-CS-CQS

Public Awareness Campaign Plan


The Government of Kosovo (GoK) has received a Credit from the World Bank Group’s International Development Association (IDA) in the amount of EUR 14.60 million to finance the Real Estate Cadaster & Geospatial Infrastructure Project (REGIP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The consulting services (“the Services”) include activities related to capacity building, public outreach, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as project management.  The consulting services are expected to be implemented within a five-year period and will finance the provision of support for project implementation and donor coordination, including, inter alia carrying out Project monitoring and evaluation activities; carrying out customer satisfaction surveys; carrying out of public outreach and the maintenance of the Project’s grievance redress mechanism; and carrying out of capacity building activities for KCA. An important aspect for the development of real property markets is the institutionalization of a user-friendly customer interface by the agencies responsible for providing land administration services (the MCOs).

REGIP contributes to making the registration system more transparent, efficient, inclusive, and client-oriented, thus it is important to promote capital flowing activities, products, and services, which provide benefits to and meet the needs of stakeholders. It is also important to ensure that stakeholders are well-informed about the project activities to fully realize the benefits from REGIP. This is foreseen to be achieved through a large-scale and continuous nation-wide public awareness campaign based on a public awareness plan.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the Public Awareness Campaign Plan is to provide the KCA with a document that will support the implementation of the Public Awareness Campaign for informing stakeholders of KCA services, products, and activities for the period 2021-2024.

The Public Awareness Campaign (PAC) Plan will focus on:

  • Developing a communications and outreach plan focused on informing and engaging internal and external key stakeholders; and,
  • Increasing the KCA’s and MCO’s capacities to implement this PAC Plan in perspective of approaching the vulnerable groups such as woman, ethnic minorities, professional users of cadastral services etc.

The Public Awareness Campaign (PAC) Plan shall identify the products, projects, and services that shall be promoted, and should build upon KCA’s existing Communications Strategy. The Plan should clearly identify key target groups and messages that should be customized for each of the target groups. The PAC Plan shall recognize that citizens are the key target group and shall be drafted in such way as to reflect this. The Plan should also identify different sub-categories of the target group (for example: women, minority communities, people living in rural areas, other vulnerable groups). Additionally, the Plan shall recognize the importance of professional users of cadastral services (for example – legal, notaries, surveyors, banks, real estate agencies, legal aid centers, etc.) as well as civil society (for example – NGOs), media, academia, etc. as important stakeholders. The engagement of civil society shall be strengthened, if compared with RECAP activities.

The PAC Plan will outline a stakeholder engagement plan for engaging stakeholders in communications / campaign activities.

The PAC Plan should further identify appropriate delivery methods, medium and channels of communications and dissemination routes for the communications products (for example – face-to-face outreach, TV, radio, social media, flyers / pamphlets, etc.). If necessary, the PAC Plan shall propose the creation of digital channels of communication for reaching the targeted groups of interest.

Finally, the PAC Plan should outline a clear work plan and timeline for the delivery of all outputs and activities.

The scope of work for Public Awareness Plan are indicated under the Terms of Reference (TOR) for this assignment. The TOR can be found at KCA website

Qualifications of the Consultancy Firm

  • Must be a legal entity with international experience in drafting, organizing and implementing awareness campaigns, preferably in land management and/or systematic registration
  • Must be a reputable organization / consultancy firm with prior experience in the field of at least 10 years.
  • Experience in social media marketing, capacity building in communication, web-based communication, and media campaigns.
  • At least three successful similar contracts for developing and implementing a communications strategy for a public entity.
  • The proposed team should consist of a project manager and specialists with a proven record of successful implementation of public information campaigns
  • Experience in providing similar services within the land administration sector.
  • Prior collaboration with international organizations is desirable.

Time-schedule and level of effort

For this lump sum contract, the level of effort is estimated to be 42 staff-days  and assignment conducted within a 3-month timeframe.

The consultancy firm will work under the direct supervision of the KCA/PIU, while the draft PAC action plan will be commented by World Bank

Selection process:

Experienced and qualified Consultants will be selected under the provisions of the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for Investment Project Financing (IPF) Borrowers, July 2016, based on the selection method for Consultants Qualification Selection (CQS), (Open Competitive Consultants Qualification Selection).

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Demonstrable experience in the field of public information campaigns, social media marketing, capacity building in communication, web-based communication, and / or media relations campaigns (50%);
  • Specific experience in providing similar scale Public Communications / Information Campaign services (preferably in the land administration sector) with local or international organization-funded project (50%)

Please note that key staff qualification and experience (including their CVs) will not be part of the evaluation criteria/selection process - such key staff qualification/experience will be taken into consideration during contract negotiations with the successful/first ranked firm.

Interested consultancy firms may obtain further information at the address below during office hours: 08:00 - 16:00 hrs (Monday to Friday)

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