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CONCORDIA Gemeinnützige Privatstiftung (hereafter CONCORDIA Austria) is an international, independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to helping children, young people, families as well as (socially and ethnically) marginalized groups in need, towards an independent and responsible life. This is done in close cooperation with its sister associations in Bulgaria, Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Germany and (new) in Republic of Kosovo. Together, they represent CONCORDIA Social Projects (hereafter: CONCORDIA). CONCORDIAs mission statement is to “go where the need is greatest…and where others don’t go”!

CONCORDIA Projekte Sociale has been established in Kosovo in December 2020 and took over the Loyola Tranzit Centre in Prizren from the former carrier organization Association Loyola Gymnasium, which from 1st of January 2021 became CONCORDIA Tranzit Centre. The Centre is located in the neighborhood of Tranzit, north of the city Prizren, where groups of different ethnical communities live. The Centre inherits an early childhood education program with two groups, a school support program, including homework tutorials and additional classes, a music school, comprises a creative workshop, and offers a warm meal to all its 65 beneficiaries.

With the overall goal to trigger sustainable positive changes in the lives of children, young people, families they work with, as well as marginalized groups CONCORDIA focuses on:

  • Securing a functioning everyday life that offers protection, belonging and provision
  • Fostering the capacities for self-determination and central „life skills“ (self-confidence, self-efficacy and social skills)
  • Mobilising each individual’s (creative) potential
  • Fostering a secure bonding of children and youth (as an important pre-condition for the development of life skills)

Main responsibilities:

  • Ensures the psychological examination based on the instruments specific to the profession to establish the general level of development, identifying the deficient development areas in order to start the recovery activity for children and young people coming to the Tranzit Centre;
  • Provides counseling services with children in a situation of school and social maladaptation to re-educate the affected processes, improve self-knowledge and optimize personal development;
  • Provides counseling services with individual or group of parents, providing them with the informational, instrumental and emotional support they need;
  • Plans activities for each couple - parent / child to respond to their information, education and counseling needs, contributing to the development of parenting skills raising and caring for one's own child;
  • Collaborates with the rest of the members of the multidisciplinary team in order to achieve a joint intervention aiming to achieve the objectives set for each beneficiary;
  • Applies psychological tests to establish the level of psychological development, interprets the data obtained and develops the recommendations;
  • Establishes the stages of psycho-pedagogical recovery, depending on the objectives proposed for the recovery of the beneficiaries;
  • Establishes the psychodiagnosis of the beneficiaries and performs the psychological examinations and evaluations of the beneficiaries;
  • Collaborate with other project specialists to establish and implement the individual recovery plan for each beneficiary;
  • Carries out individual therapy activities in order to alleviate the deficiencies of attentional, mnemonic, sensory-perceptual, cognitive, emotional and behavioral nature; health education, health promotion and a healthy lifestyle (eg through primary and secondary prevention, informing and preparing parents to be co-therapists in the process of recovery and integration of children;
  • Other evaluations in situations involving psychological components;

A detailed Job Description will be presented and discussed with the final candidate. 

The ideal candidate:

  • Three-year (long-term) tertiary education completed with a degree of psychology specialization;
  • At least two years' experience as a psychologist,
  • Evidence of free clinical psychology practice has an advantage;
  • Experience in working with children and adolescents;
  • Work experience in the social field - has an advantage;
  • Openness to work with people from disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minorities
  • A sense of responsibility;
  • Ability to organize tasks efficiently, time and efficient management of resources;
  • Efficient communication;
  • Discretion and respect for the confidentiality of the information and data with which it comes into contact;
  • Has flexibility, enthusiasm and desire to assume responsibilities;
  • Languages ​​spoken: Albanian (mother tongue) and English (minimum B1)
  • Commits to respect CONCORDIA Child Protection Policy and all the other policies and procedures of the organization.


  • Employment contract, fixed salary
  • Private medical insurance
  • Working hours 08.30-16.30
  • The opportunity to work in a dedicated multiethnic team, where you can innovate and contribute
  • Challenging area of ​​activity, with plenty of space for own initiative and development opportunities.

Position start date: July 2021

Duration of the Contract: 1 year (with possibility of extension)

Location of duty: Prizren

Interested persons are asked to send a CV accompanied by a letter of intent in English by 21.05.2021, to the following e-mail address:

Please mention in the subject of the message: Psychologist. Only people who meet the above requirements and are selected for the interview will be contacted. For more details you can call Bardhyl Metkamberi - Project Coordinator | T + 38649491513

Before any hiring is made the candidate will submit:

  • Two references from previous working places, teachers or other professionals;
  • Certificate of criminal background check from Kosovo Police;
  • Certificate of medical report.

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