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Promoting Private Sector Employment PPSE e1630934108531
Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE)

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Promoting Private Sector Employment PPSE e1630934108531


Most of the small-scale processors (SSPs)[1] in the sector of fruits and vegetable, dairy industries, confectionaries, and other subsectors from all regions of Kosovo, face number of challenges in their day-to-day business activities that affect their business growth opportunities. Moreover, these types of businesses lack the ability/skills to cope with the updated knowledge regarding the new business models adaptation for the market needs.

Usually, the SSPs are sceptic to invest in knowledge platforms since they are not aware of the beneficial outcomes that they will be able to get. Moreover, SSPs find this type of service costly and unaffordable. At the same time, these SSPs try to follow the trends based on the information they get from their business counterparts. However, services regarding growth promotion, marketing, branding and new business model operations are highly needed to be offered to the different SSPs based on their market needs.

Participating in knowledge exchange platforms will be a good opportunity for these SSPs to broaden their mindset and getting insights of possible solutions for common challenges and initiate the co-creation of novel solutions for existing challenges. Furthermore, social interactions are proven to be efficient for learning of the participants that have enough interest to share their experiences and to learn from others in order to improve their practices.

PPSE is seeking for a service provider that will be able to offer a knowledge exchange platform for small scale processors that are involved in food production. The main aim of this intervention is to provide coaching and training for the selected SSPs to improve their capabilities regarding adaptation of successful business models and diversification of their products. For the implementation of this intervention PPSE has foreseen a maximum amount up to 20,000 Euro for activities that will be conducted within 12 months, with the possibility of extension. Service provider is encouraged to propose the modalities of the implementation of the intervention.

The costs that PPSE covers are all costs related to the activities, excluding the rent and operation costs.

The eligible service provider must be legally registered in Kosovo as well as provide with an expertise in coaching and mentoring that are able to offer knowledge transfer platforms on the specific topics such as successful business models, promote business growth through sales.


The following presents the expected outcomes from this activity.

  • Participating SSP adopt new business models (e.g: private label, franchising, new sales channels)
  • Participating SSP invest in product development.
  • This initiative becomes a knowledge dissemination platform (e.g. platforms similar to Ted Talk).

Evaluation criteria:

  • Number of benefiting SSP (15 points):

The proposals will be evaluated based on the number of SSPs that are proposed to be reached during the 12 months. The highest points will be given to the proposal with the highest number of SSPs.

  • Proposed coaching methodologies (20 Points):

The proposals will be evaluated by the coaching methodologies they propose for the SSPs. (Illustrative examples of such methodologies: Usage of Small Business Coach Associates that will be mentoring SSPs to develop road maps for SSP growth; Usage of business performance advisors that assist in the areas of leadership, planning, sales, marketing, operations, time management, and human resources).

  • Proposed topics (10 Points):

Under this criterion we are seeking to evaluate proposed topics (classroom training topics, coaching, and mentoring topics).

  • CVs of proposed experts/coaches (20 Points):

CVs of proposed experts/coaches will be evaluated hand in hand with the proposed topics. To evaluate them properly, please provide one-page CVs indicating the relevance of the proposed expert and the past experience in coaching businesses.

  • Innovative methodology of dissemination of knowledge (20 points):

The proposals will be evaluated by their innovative approaches in organizing knowledge dissemination events to attract SSPs to participate.

  • Proposed deliverables and timeframe (15 Points):

Under this evaluation criteria, we will evaluate your workplan, which must include the following:

  1. Proposed timeline for identification of small-scale processors from the sector of fruit and vegetable processors, dairy industry, confectionary, and subsector that falls in the group of these sectors.
  2. Proposed timeline that service provider obtains baseline information (including sales, turnover, employment, etc.).
  3. Proposed timeline and activities for needs assessment of SSPs
  4. Timeline and delivery propose a set of training topics for SSPs.
  5. Timeline and number of knowledge dissemination events.
  6. A business model with self-sustainability potential in a mid-term period.


The expression of Interest and questions related to this call must be submitted until March 10th 2022, to the following email:

PPSE will provide consolidated answers by March 11th 2022. A full proposal must be submitted until March 19th 2022, 17:00 to the following email:

Duration of engagement

The contractor will be engaged for 12 months after signing the contract.

[1] SSP: small scale processors that are legally registered in Kosovo and operate in food production sector

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