Open call for tender: Outdoor Campaign

Manifesta 14 Prishtina

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Manifesta 14 Prishtina invites all interested parties (companies, consultants or NGOs) to express their interest in providing services in accordance with the Instructions and Information.

The tendering process is open to all consultants, legally registered companies or NGOs who want to participate. All consultants, legally registered local firms or NGOs must be able to document their eligibility to participate according to the requirements of the invitation to tender.

The tender dossier, which includes the details of each service requested, includes instructions for bidders and the evaluation criteria.

We are currently inviting interested companies to submit a bid for the following tender:

Outdoor Campaign


We are looking for an advertisement agency that owns the advertisement spaces across Prishtina and the other major cities of Kosovo. We would need visibility in terms of billboards throughout the cities and on the motorways, led screens in shopping malls and in bus stations, led screens in public spaces and flags to be installed in Prishtina on the prominent streets and locations. As Manifesta 14 is working in roughly 20 venues across Prishtina it is key that this company is able to offer us advertisements spaces across the entire city. Most notably, Manifesta 14’s campaign must be present in some of the main locations where the event takes places. These include Prishtina’s Grand Hotel, The Palace of Youth and Sport, the Brick Factory and the Hivzi Sylejmani Library. The advertisement company that we are looking for must have permission to work in and around these specific places and must be a certified advertisement company. In addition to owning the spaces and having permission to advertise there, the company should also be able to produce the advertisement materials (all in CMYK) and be able to install them.

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