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National Consultant/s
“Policy Brief on the Gender Based Violence in Kosovo”


AMC is a foundation based in Prishtina, our mission is to save lives and improve the health of infants, mothers and children in the Republic of Kosovo. To achieve our mission, we implement various projects and programs that have a great and lasting impact on the health system and provide long-term solutions. The work of AMC is divided in four main pillars: Education, Research, Advocacy and Fundraising.

AMC is seeking the support of a national consultant or a team of national consultants to develop a policy brief with key findings and recommendations on Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Kosovo. This activity is under the framework of the project “Improving Identification, Reporting and Addressing of Gender Based Violence in Kosovo” financed by Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.


The goal of the project is to improve the situation of GBV in Kosovo by strengthening the stakeholders accountable for addressing the cases of GBV. Aiming at reaching its goal, the project focuses on working jointly with different relevant stakeholders that play an important role in identifying, addressing, and raising awareness on GBV.

The purpose of the policy brief is to outline the current processes of GBV response, including where current issues reside, and where interventions should be implemented. Based on the research that will take place, the policy brief will provide solutions and interventions on GBV response, with the aim to improve current services. The interventions will be focused on issues that can be quickly addressed and improved, while also providing long term objectives. In addition, roundtables will be arranged with various stakeholders of GBV services, where the current state of affairs can be discussed as well as possible solutions to current issues. It is important that the opinions and concerns on GBV response from these stakeholders are recorded in effort to best capture the points requiring the most immediate attention.

The development of the policy brief will be based on:

  • Primary qualitative data collection: data generated from in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and the target group;
  • Secondary analysis: desk research with data generated from analysis, reports and other publications in the field of GBV in Kosovo.

This policy brief will serve: 1. As an evidence piece with key findings on the current state of GBV in Kosovo, the whole process from its causes to addressing; 2. As an advocacy tool for decision-makers with concrete recommendations aiming at improving the current situation.


The consultant(s) is/are expected to complete the following tasks and submit deliverables in line with the work calendar below:

  • Develop the inception report including desk research on GBV, in depth-interviews, etc.
  • Organize and collect primary qualitative data from in-depth-interviews;
  • Conducts secondary research on reports and other publications in the field of GBV in Kosovo.
  • Analyze and generate findings and recommendations from the in-depth interviews;
  • Develop the policy brief on GBV;
  • Present the policy brief findings and recommendations to the roundtable and validate the document with stakeholders.


1 | Inception meeting with AMC | Meeting minutes and action points (via e-mail) | 1/2 day | November 2020

2 | Develop the inception report  | Inception report | 1/2 day | November 2020

3 | Conduct secondary research on reports and other publications in the field of GBV in Kosovo. | Report on findings | 5 days | November – December 2020

4 | Organize and collect primary qualitative data from in-depth-interviews | Findings report / Indepth-interviews minutes | 7 days | December 2020

5 | Analyze and generate findings and recommendations from primary and secondary research | Report on findings | 5 days | November 2020

6 | Develop the policy brief | Policy brief document | 7 days | December 2020

7 | Present the policy brief findings and recommendations to the roundtable and validate the document with stakeholders | PPT presentation  | 1 day |  January 2021


Action for Mothers and Children


Competencies required to carry out the tasks are as per below:

  • Master’s degree and/or certifications in relevant fields (Social Sciences, or similar) is a requirement;
  • At least 3 years of experience in conducting research and good analytical skills;
  • Experience in developing policy briefs, reports, and similar documents in the field of health;
  • Excellent oral and written English language;


The assignment will cover an estimate of 26 days (from November 2020 to January 2021) and payments will be affected upon the delivery of outputs. In case of any unexpected delay in the estimated time frame (approval process, force majeure etc.) the duration of the assignment might be extended subject to the same conditions and mutual will of the parties.

The selected consultant(s) is/are expected to complete all tasks and deliverables in line with the “Scope of Work and Tentative Work Calendar” section of this ToR. The contract will be effective from the date of signature until successful completion of services outlined in this ToR.

In principle, this is a desk-based consultancy. If needed, meetings will be based in Prishtina and/or will be conducted on-line.

Estimated Cost of Consultancy: Applicants shall present a detailed financial proposal that elaborates daily costs on the basis of the above-mentioned programme and deliverables, including a total sum demanded. All costs, including travel, accommodation, administrative tools, communications, etc. shall be covered by the consultant and should be included in the financial proposal as a separate heading, and broken down into details of accommodation and travel costs.

Payment schedule: AMC will issue a contract in EURO. The payment will be done in installments upon deliverables as per contractual agreement and will be executed in EURO.

Candidates are required to specify their daily rates and the total amount as per the number of anticipated working days for each deliverable in the financial proposal and provide the breakdown of the lump sum amount for each deliverable as well as incidentals of each deliverable in EURO. It is up to the team how to divide number of working days within the team.


Applications should be submitted in English and should include:

  • Financial proposal
  • CV
  • Examples of analytical work conducted in the past

Application and financial proposals should be sent to by November 15, 2020. After the technical evaluation, the financial proposals of qualified candidates will be evaluated.

Full Terms of References.

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