Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Analytics Advisor (MELAA)

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Recruitment for Chemonics International

Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Analytics Advisor

  • Position Title: Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Analytics Advisor (MELAA)
  • Position Type: Cooperating Country National (Kosovo citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident)
  • Period of Assignment: Long-term, full-time
  • Reports to: Deputy Chief of Party
  • Location: Pristina

Chemonics is implementing the USAID-funded Kosovo Economic Governance Activity (USAID KEGA), a 5-year project that started in April 2019 and will end on March, 2024, to reduce public perception of and opportunities for economic corruption through improvement to economic governance, thereby encouraging investment in Kosovo’s economy. This result will be achieved through three main objectives:

  1. Business Environment Improvement (BEE);
  2. Strengthened Public Financial Management (PFM); and,
  3. Enhanced Strategic Communications (ESC).


The Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Analytics Advisor (MELAA) will coordinate closely with and support KEGA technical teams to engage with private and public sector partners to identify, improve, institutionalize, and monitor systems for use of objective data, including from internal organizational systems and external sources, to drive management improvements, and provide objective data foundations for dialogue, decision making and partner outcome evaluation. The MELAA will promote partners transparent and accountable use of data, institutionalization of publication in existing systems, and support understanding and expansion of links between data, activities and outcomes.

Further, the MELAA will coordinate closely with project staff, USAID representatives, and partners to both identify opportunities to and facilitate alignment of project measures with USAID mission requirements and identify and support partners to recognize and institutionalize relevant, purpose-driven organizational management and reform-focused outcome metrics, to unify all parties in common vision, measures, outcomes and efforts.

The term of assignment is for the life of the project, subject to satisfactory performance. The MELAA is required at all times to adhere to, and act according to Chemonics’ Professional Code of Ethics (“Living Our Values”).

Specific Tasks and Responsibilities

Partner Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Analytics Strengthening

  • In cooperation with business enabling environment (BEE) and public financial management (PFM) objective teams, identify and provide support to public and private sector partners to increase their use and effectiveness of data use in management, reform identification, outcome capture, and reform process tracking, and in internal and external messaging (in cooperation with the Strategic Communications Advisor).
  • In cooperation with BEE and PFM objective teams, and the Strategic Communications Advisor, identify and use existing operational information in communications to facilitate the development of common platforms for dialogue based on objective information, link information across activities and outcomes, and support specific information initiatives.
  • Provide systematic improvement support to partners’ use of data within their organizations and for their external messaging.
  • Identify opportunities for knowledge improve amongst partners, and information intermediaries, on specific topics that improve data-related messaging, reporting, and activities.
  • Identify and support opportunities to improve, link and institutionalize existing domestic and international performance reports and methods within partner organizations and reform plans.
  • Identify and support opportunities, in cooperation with external analytical organizations and partners, to strengthen external domestic reports and analysis on issues relevant to project activities.
  • Maintain the project inventory and archive of all performance metrics, data, and linkages as reflected in the project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Plan (MELP).
  • In cooperation with technical component teams, and external public and private sector partners, support development of annual work plans.
  • Meet or exceed all quantitative project goals and performance deadlines linked to this position as articulated in the project MELP and annual work plans.
  • Track and report, on a continuous basis, sustained data usage reforms achieved within partners operations and practices as reflected and expected in annual work plans, as captured in the MELP outcome-based project metrics, and as validated through project outcome confirmation.

MELA coordination with USAID and other Projects

  • Coordinate closely with USAID Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) staff and project technical staff to align project and partners metrics and activities with mission metrics and performance expectations.
  • In cooperation with the Strategic Communications Advisor, identify and provide regular information to USAID information channels and for ad hoc information requests.
  • Coordinate closely with other projects and donors to identify and integrate common performance measures across projects and support project staff to understand measures and incorporate in annual work plan activities.
  • Support project staff and partners to develop success stories and related activities updates.


  1. Experience (Required) - Minimum 2 years’ experience supporting objective organizational performance analysis, monitoring and improvement.  Experience identifying and using data to improve organizational systems, track performance, and inform activities.
  2. Education (Required) – University degree in statistical analysis or related field.
  3. Language Skills (Required) – English and Albanian fluency, with excellent writing and quantitative Serbian language skill preferred.
  4. Computer Skills (Required) - Word processing (Microsoft Word), spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel), e-mail (Microsoft Outlook).
  5. Interpersonal Skills (Required) – Proven ability to work professionally, constructively and collaboratively as part of team, meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and deal with diverse partners (including high-level government officials, entrepreneurs and international donors) in a challenging environment.
  6. Self-Motivation and Guidance (Required) – Ability to manage daily activities and achieve expected results with or without direct oversight and effectively function in a complex, challenging environment.

Please send electronic applications, including ONLY a CV and Cover Letter, to by June 16, 2022, no later than 3:00 PM. Please indicate the position title in the subject line. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

Chemonics is an equal opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, protected veteran status, genetic information, age, or other legally protected characteristics.