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External Call for Applications 2-2020 for local staff

The EULEX Kosovo Mission is inviting qualified candidates to apply for its currently short-term vacant Local Staff positions in the Medical Unit and the Security and Safety Department to meet its current operational demands created by COVID-19 pandemic situation.

  • Title: Medical Doctor, Temporary Job Opening
  • General Practitioner
  • Ref. no: LST 0001
  • Grade: 1
  • Region: Pristina

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the EULEX Mission is increasing its medical team to meet the demands placed on its health services.

While this temporary assignment may provide the successful applicant with an opportunity to gain new work experience, the selection for this position is for a limited period and has no bearing on the future incumbency of the post.

The contract is for a period of six (6) months. A possibility of extension will be assessed close to the end of the initial contract based on the development of the COVID-19 situation.

Incumbent of this position will be allowed to have additional part-time work provided that the required 38.5 hours per week is dedicated to EULEX Kosovo and a combine working week time of 60 hours is not exceeded.

He/She reports to the Chief of Medical Unit and the EULEX International doctors in the EULEX Clinic in Pristina.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • To perform basic medical examinations and routine check-ups of EULEX staff/mission members, to establish diagnoses and to decide on the method of treatment (preventive or curative) of patients;
  • To inform and discusses complex cases with the Chief of Medical Unit and assists the supervisor in collecting information to substantiate/justify medical evacuations;
  • To work in the out-patient clinic/dispensary, in the in-patient facility, Emergency Room and the Ambulance Emergency Medical Services
  • To undertake day-to-day clinical duties, e.g. out-patient clinic, in-patient clinic;
  • To ensure the emergency medical care, advanced life support and stabilization of the critical
  • To follow-up with outside specialists;
  • To be on call during week-ends and outside working hours;
  • To ensure safety of the patients in performance of duty;
  • To maintain patient’s records and exercises confidentiality;
  • To accord for the patients fair and equal treatment regardless of ethnic background;
  • To liaise with local facilities and other hospitals in Pristina and the region;
  • To keep clinic detailed statistics and report the updates to the Chief of Medical Unit/International doctors in the EULEX Clinic in Pristina;
  • To translate medical documents as required;
  • To supervise the medical team during the night shift and weekends (nurse and paramedic);
  • To undertake any other work-related task as

Job requirements:

  • University degree in medicine, specialized in Emergency Medicine or Intensive Care, or with professional competencies in emergency medicine and intensive
  • A minimum of two (2) years of progressive clinical experience, after he/she finished the specialization. Candidates with recent professional experience will be preferred;
  • Proficiency in English language including Albanian or Serbian languages;
  • Ability to establish priorities and plan, co-ordinate and monitor own work plan;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain effective working relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect diversity;
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Willingness to learn and keep abreast of new developments in the medical field;
  • Solid computer skills and good knowledge of relevant medical

The overview of these short-term advertised vacant positions with their job descriptions can be found in the following link: Job Description

There is no deadline for application & the interviews will be held when there is a sufficient number of qualified candidates for each vacancy.

In order to apply, please visit the Online Application Form.

More information is available here.

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