Lead Report Specialist – Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19

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Lead Report Specialist – Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19
Deadline for applications: 11 March 2022
Duty station: Prishtina/Pristina


Issued on 25 February 2022

Functional title: Lead Report Specialist – Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Kosovo municipalities and businesses
Duty station: Prishtina/Pristina
Contract type: Consultancy Assignment (IC)
Duration of assignment: 3 working months
Closing date for applications: 11 March 2022


The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) is the lead United Nations agency for cities and human settlements. The agency is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all and sustainable development. UN-Habitat, being the focal point for all urbanization and human settlement matters within the UN system, has a role in delivering the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, adopted by Member States in 2015, specifically goal 11: make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. UN-Habitat promotes good local governance, urban environmental action, access to affordable housing, sustainable human settlements development and inclusive spatial planning in Kosovo1 since 1999.

This research is being conducted with Ministry of Local Government Administration in partnership with UN-Habitat with the aim to assess municipalities (and the business sector) local economic and financial recovery measures in the face of COVID-19 crisis. It is intended to capture challenges the municipalities faced and solutions they have implemented to mitigate economic and financial impacts. Furthermore, this research is particularly interested in sustainable and inclusive recovery, which is based on the “recovering better” principle and a three-pillar socio-economic recovery strategy:

  1. Social Cohesion and Community Resilience: supporting municipal resilience plans using participatory approaches for their development and implementation; supporting measures benefiting vulnerable groups of the population, including older people, women, children, disabled and others.
  2. Projecting Jobs and Economic Recoveries: ensuring job-rich recovery through creation of green, sustainable jobs including through public employment programmes in municipalities which leveraging the potential of green economic solutions and the digital economy.
  3. Macroeconomic Response and Multilateral Cooperation: creating local fiscal space, investing in sustainable urban infrastructure and crisis preparedness and sustainable and carbon-neutral economic recovery in municipalities including through strengthened data, technology, and innovation, and sustainable finance.

Building Urban Economic Resilience during and after COVID-19- Analysis of the Socio-Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Kosovo municipalities and businesses and Crisis Response and Recovery Measures:

The main aim of this report is to provide a rapid synthesis on how Kosovo municipalities (local governments and business sector) were affected by the situation created by the global pandemic COVID-19. The findings of this report also aim to provide crisis response and recovery measures to orient future investments from the international and central level towards helping Kosovo municipalities on their long-term development and recovery.

For assessing the public institutions and the business sector, a framework (developed by UNCDF and other UN partners)2 based on the following five dimensions was used for the building and management of urban economic resilience, particularly during and after the COVID-19 crisis

1) business environment
2) economic governance
3) labor market conditions and
4) financial arrangements.
5) infrastructure and connectivity

Research conducted so far consists of:
Identification matrix of research conducted around COVID-19 in Kosovo
COVID-19 Questionnaire with Kosovo municipalities
COVID-19 Questionnaire with businesses operating in Kosovo municipalities
Regional Workshops with all municipalities of Kosovo, central government, business sector, NGOs, business associations and chambers.

To support the implementation of this project, UN-Habitat Kosovo is seeking a Lead Report Specialist, who will fulfill the following duties and responsibilities under the direct supervision of the UN-Habitat Kosovo Head of Office.


The general purpose of the COVID-19 Lead Report Specialist is to provide a print ready report which identifies the challenges posed by Covid-19 individually for each of the 38 municipalities of Kosovo (including business sector) and based on its findings provide concrete recommendations for the socio-economic recovery for all 38 municipalities. The report should consist of a socio-economic assessment profile as the basis for identification of recovery measures for each of the 38 municipalities.


Excellent research, communication and writing skills in the fields sustainable development, development policy, economic development, environment, and natural resources; social and inclusive development; local governance stakeholder and civil society participation; ability to analyse and interpret data; strong knowledge of the SDGs; knowledge of relevant planning legislation in Kosovo at central and municipal levels.


Under the general guidance and direct supervision of the UN-Habitat Kosovo Head of the Office, the Lead Report Specialist will be responsible for performing the following main tasks:

  1. Responsible for drafting the COVID-19 Impact Report based on research from MLGA and UN-Habitat in line with Socio-Economic Recovery Plan (SERP), and other UN (Kosovo Team) partners guidelines;
  2. Desk review of research conducted on the impact of COVID-19 in Kosovo and beyond (based on the list compiled by UN-Habitat Kosovo, but not only);
  3. Assessing and drawing conclusions from the analysis done to COVID-19 Questionnaire with Kosovo municipalities;
  4. Assessing and drawing conclusions from the analysis done to COVID-19 Questionnaire with businesses operating in Kosovo municipalities;
  5. Assessing and drawing conclusions from COVID-19 Impact Regional Workshops;
  6. Contact relevant institutions and partners for interviews and/or focus group discussions where information may be missing or deficient;
  7. Contribute to knowledge-management, communication and outreach activities of the project;
  8. Assist with translation and interpretation, both verbal and written, when required. Provide language quality checks of written materials;
  9. Provide monthly progress reports to the UN-Habitat Kosovo Head of Office and inputs to progress reports for the Prishtina/ Pristina office; and
  10. Perform any other functions and tasks which may be required by the nature of the projects’ activities.

Deliverables and Schedule

Nr. | Tasks | Deliverable | Duration (equivalent w/ days) | Timeline schedule (tentative)
1. | Review the COVID-19 literature matrix (to use relevant findings in the final report in relation to the new research findings made by MLGA and UN-Habitat Kosovo). | Analysis of key/common messages and measures | 3 | March
2. | Review Emergency Package measures issued by the Central Government | Analysis of key messages and measures | 3 | March
3. | Review the COVID-19 Questionnaire with Kosovo municipalities (individually for each of the 38 municipalities and general data for all). | Interpretation, diagrams, infographics with the main findings to serve for the final report | 5 | April
4. | Review the COVID-19 Questionnaire with businesses operating in Kosovo municipalities. | Interpretation, diagrams, infographics with the main findings to serve for the final report | 5 | April
5. | Review and draw conclusions on the main findings from COVID-19 Impact Regional Workshops. | Key conclusions from COVID-19 Regional Workshops | 5 | April
6. | Provide COVID-19 Impact Report Outline and Content Structure (to be approved by the Head of Office/ Supervisor). | Report Outline and Structure | 6 | April
7. | Develop first draft of COVID-19 Impact Report. | First Draft COVID-19 Report | 20 | May
8. | Integration of comments from MLGA, UN-Habitat, UNKT and other related stakeholders, including central level institutions, into the final draft. | Reviewed and integrated comments | 6 | May
9. | Provide Final COVID-19 Impact Report. | Final COVID-19 Impact Report, including all annexes and data visualizations | 12 | May
Totals | 65


The work shall be performed from Prishtina/ Pristina office and home office. Transport to and from work will be the Lead Report Specialist responsibility.


The fees will be paid in installments upon completion and acceptance of the outputs as specified in section Deliverables and Schedule above. A timesheet must be submitted by the individual contractor, duly approved by the Head of Office which shall serve as the basis for the payment of fees. The payment amount will be based on actual days worked for that period.


Professionalism: Demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter; – Ability to conduct data collection using various methods; – Conceptual analytical and evaluative skills to conduct independent research and analysis, including familiarity with and experience in the use of various research sources, among which electronic sources on the internet, intranet and other databases; – Is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results. Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals; – Solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; – Is willing to learn from others; – Places team agenda before personal agenda; – Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own position. Planning & Organizing: Develops clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies; – Identifies priority activities and assignments; adjusts priorities as required; – Allocates appropriate amount of time and resources for completing work; -Uses time efficiently. Communication: Excellent and effective written and oral skills; ability to persuade people with varying points of view and to present information in a concise and accurate manner, ability to clearly communicate links between the organizations.


Education and experience

  • Advanced University Degree (Masters Level) or higher in the field of sustainable development, development policy, economics or social science and/or relevant fields;
  • At least 5-7 years of experience with strategy development, policy support, monitoring and evaluation, technical support in areas of sustainable development at the local level;
  • Proven experience of strong analytical skills, report writing and presenting in English;
  • Proven capacity to coordinate multilevel governance coordination and cooperation and sharing of information between government agencies, the private and NGO sectors, and other entities;
  • Proven experience in advising government and/or UN agencies on sustainable development policies, strategic plans, spatial development plans or relevant;
  • Strong capability to analyze policies, regulatory frameworks, barriers and the like related to sectoral sustainable development approaches;
  • Knowledge of sustainable development concepts, principles and issues and the ability to apply to strategic and/or practical situations, covering the economic, social and environmental dimensions;


  • English is the working language of UN-Habitat Kosovo Office; very good command of English is required – reading, writing, and speaking; and
  • Fluency (reading, writing, and speaking) of Albanian and Serbian is required.


  • Good analytical, solution defining, creative and interpersonal skills;
  • Knowledge and understanding of innovative participatory planning and urban design approaches;
  • Knowledge of online communication, networking and collaboration tools;
  • Capable of working in a team and undertaking initiative to ensure smooth relations and open communication within the team and with partners, incl. local level, and other entities, etc.;
  • Experience working with UN system is an advantage; and
  • Valid driving license and the ability to obtain a UN driver’s license.


The candidate should be:

  • Willing to take responsibility, act professionally at all times, and make sure tasks are fully completed;
  • Be willing to work across the entire partner stakeholders geographical area, including temporary placements at other field offices;
  • Sensitive to gender issues and issues of concern to vulnerable groups;
  • Flexible and prepared to pursue goals through teamwork;
  • Able to meet deadlines for reporting and all project work;
  • Express enthusiasm and willingness to continue learning new skills and share experiences with other members of the team;
  • Able to adapt to a multi-ethnic environment


Interested candidates must submit an email quoting the post title and the duty station to the email address: recruitment@unhabitat-kosovo.org

with the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  1. Cover letter explaining why they are the most suitable for the work
  2. Completion of a CV in P11 Form which can be downloaded athttp://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/p11_form.doc     (The CV shall include information on the past experience in similar projects and at least 3 references).
  3. Financial Proposal. The offeror’s letter including form for the financial proposal can be downloaded at: http://unhabitat-kosovo.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Financial_proposal_IC.docx
  4. Copy of Diplomas and copy of Passport or National ID Card.

Deadline for applications: 11 March 2022

UN-Habitat does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. If you have any questions concerning persons or companies claiming to be recruiting on behalf of these offices and requesting the payment of a fee, please contact: recruitment@unon.org

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