Independent Media Programming: Cyber Security and Resilience

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Notice of Funding Opportunity

  • Funding Opportunity Title: Independent Media Programming: Cyber Security and Resilience
  • Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-PRISTINA-FY21-04
  • Deadline for Applications: May 31, 2021               
  • Assistance Listing Number: 19.900           
  • Total Amount Available: $50,000.00 


The United States Embassy in Kosovo announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program to improve the security and resilience of Kosovo’s independent media online infrastructure through partnerships with ethical “white hat” hackers.

Priority Region: Kosovo

Program Objectives:

The objectives of this program are: 

  • To strengthen cyber defenses of independent Kosovo media outlet online presences/portals, thereby enhancing media freedom.
  • To develop the capacity of Kosovo “white hat” ethical hackers and ethical hacker organizations not only to identify weaknesses and help media partners fortify against them, but also improve communication skills needed to educate media partners and the public about the potential for malign actors to gain access to critical infrastructure and information.

Successful proposals must have and include:

  • A network of ethical hackers able to test media partners’ online infrastructure
  • At least 5-10 partnerships with influential media outlets willing to participate in this pilot program.
  • Innovative projects to educate media partners on how to identify, respond to, and fortify their online infrastructure.
  • Innovative communication strategies and campaigns to increase awareness around these issues with other independent media and other Kosovo audiences.

Proposals should include appropriate funds for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of program successes and challenges, and a detailed description of how M&E will be carried out and program success will be determined, including a logic frame and a list of outputs and outcomes expected.

Proposals should detail a robust media plan, and winning applicants should plan to share their online activities/posts with the Embassy’s Public Affairs Section (PAS).

Participants and Audiences:

Participants for main activities are “white hat” hackers and media partner organizations.

For education and awareness campaigns, audiences would include journalists, commercial and government IT professionals, and policy makers. 


Length of performance period: 6 to 12 months

Number of awards anticipated: 1-2 awards (dependent on amounts)

Award amounts: awards may range from a minimum of $25,000 to a maximum of $50,000

Total available funding: $50,000

Type of Funding:  Assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia – AEECA Funds

Anticipated program start date:  August 1, 2021 

This notice is subject to availability of funding. 

Funding Instrument Type:  Grant 

Program Performance Period: Proposed programs should be completed in 12 months or less.


  1. Eligible Applicants

Eligibility is limited to not-for-profit IT and Software organizations (Nongovernmental Organizations (NGO’s), and independent media outlets officially registered in the Republic of Kosovo.

  1. Cost Sharing or Matching

Cost sharing is encouraged, but not required under this NOFO.

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