Forest Value Chain Specialist

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Organizational Setting

The Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU) is responsible for leading FAO's response to regional priorities for food security, agriculture and rural development through the identification, planning and implementation of FAO's priority activities in the region. It ensures a multidisciplinary approach to programmes, identifies priority areas of action for the Organization in the Region and, in collaboration with departments and divisions at Headquarters, develops, promotes and oversees FAO's strategic response to regional priorities. REU also advises on the incorporation of regional priorities into the Organization's Programme of Work and Budget and implements approved programmes and projects in the region, monitors the level of programme implementation and draws attention to problems and deficiencies. The Regional Office supports regional policy dialogue on food security, agriculture and rural development issues, facilitates the emergence of regional partnerships, and supports capacity development and resource mobilization for food security, agriculture and rural development in the region.


The programme “Support to strengthening sustainable and multipurpose forest management to improve rural livelihoods and address climate change in Kosovo” - GCP/KOS/007/SWE - aims at increasing the contribution of the forest sector to the Kosovo economy through participatory and gender-responsive forest management that is strengthened in accordance with relevant rules on forests and supported by value-chains for poverty alleviation. The focus of the Programme is to contribute to the sustainable management of forest resources in the country through strengthening the enabling environment for the forestry sector, introduction of multipurpose forest management planning, restoration of degraded forest lands, and forest protection measures. The project is structured around three components, each further operationalized into specific outputs and activities. The first component is dedicated to improving timber legality, trade and law enforcement in forest sector. The second component aims at enhancing transparency and strengthening institutional capacity in good governance and implementation of forest policies, strategies and programmes. The third component introduces a more participatory multipurpose forest management system and supports development of inclusive forest products value chains targeting youth, women, men and ethnic minorities in four target areas.

The programme will support the development of specific value chains to increase local income from multipurpose forest management. More specifically, the project will engage local forest users (youth, women and men) in multipurpose forestry and provide trainings for development of inclusive forest value chains to increase local income from forests.

Reporting Lines

The Local Forest Value Chain Specialist will work closely with the Local Forestry Specialist and the International Forest Management Planning Specialist, and under the overall technical supervision of the Lead Technical Officer or relevant technical officers at FAO REU.

Technical Focus

Provide technical expertise and trainings in the area of forest value chain development, including trainings of local target groups (youth, men and women) in development of inclusive value chains for products available from local forests.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Identify, support and engage identified groups and individuals to be involved in forest value chain development in target areas;
  • Design and implement a value chain baseline surveys and assessments in target areas in order to identify the local value chains for rural income generation to be developed under the multipurpose forest management framework;
  • Facilitate emerging inclusive value chains in target areas based on potential for local income generation and availability of forest products from multipurpose forests in target areas;
  • Set the socio-economic baseline for target groups in the target areas to monitor impact of value chain development for poverty alleviation;
  • Develop best practice guidelines for involvement of local stakeholders in forest value chain development linked to sustainable management and harvesting of forest products.
  • Analyze market development opportunities for the selected value chains and conduct training needs assessments;
  • Identify and support development of the specific value chains financially attractive for SMEs, owners of private forest land or non-cultivated agricultural land (agroforestry, small scale plantations for energy wood etc) to promote private forestry;
  • Explore and promote activities that would enhance women’s share of income from forests in cooperation with gender specialist and in close collaboration with other project experts;
  • Develop market information systems for selected value chains in close consultation with policy makers and related stakeholders;
  • Support International Forest Value Chain Specialist in preparing and conducting the missions in Kosovo;


Minimum Requirements

  • A university degree in forest management or agricultural economics with specialisation in value chains, or similar
  • Practical experience with forest value chain development in the region is considered a strong asset.
  • Minimum five years of relevant experience in the area of value chain development
  • Ability to work independently and under minimal supervision.

FAO Core Competencies

  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Building Effective Relationships
  • Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement

Technical/Functional Skills

  • Forest value chain development, local income generation, sustainable forest management, gender, socio-economic development

Selection Criteria

  • Extent of knowledge and experience on the analysis and development of inclusive value chains
  • Practical experience working in rural areas on transfer knowledge to farms or rural communities
  • Level of written and spoken English
  • Level of knowledge of gender and environmental issues related to rural development


  • FAO does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing).
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • For other issues, visit the FAO employment website:
  • For further information on categories, contract duration and honoraria, please refer to the Conditions page.


Interested candidates should send their application not later than 12:00 PM, Wednesday 22 July 2020 at the following e-mail address: with the following documentation:

  • CV
  • Cover Letter
  • Three Letter of References from the previous similar assignments

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