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In December of 2020, following preparatory activities, CBM and PeaceNexus (PN) signed a partnership agreement on strengthening CBM’s organizational capacity to mainstream programmatic focus and strategic positioning in its strategy and programming. Through this process, CBM seeks to utilise the learnings from its work to date, build on its track-record, relationships and distinct organisational strengths to clarify its identity, its strategic programmatic focus and intentionally position itself as a key community actor who effectively contributes to social cohesion.

In terms of increasing its organizational capacities for conflict sensitivity, CBM’s ambition is to invest in development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan 2021-2024 which would entail:

  • A reflection on the organisation’s previous work with a critical and learning lens (where is the organisation particularly effective and successful, where is it not, what can it build on, etc.),
  • Consultations with constituents, key target groups and stakeholders,
  • Updates to the context analysis, including anticipated trends and adaptation measures that CBM can take,
  • Working to attain operational clarity around the organisation’s overall future trajectory, including by closely anticipating the implications of strategy design on the organisation’s internal structure and processes.

About CBM

CBM was founded after the devastating war in Kosovo ended. It was initiated in March 2001 by IKV (Interchurch Peace Council) from the Netherlands, together with Mitrovica citizens. Soon, it became an important stakeholder amidst the NGO community, providing advice, facilities or capacity building interventions. CBM as an organization has been gradually growing throughout the years, with active involvement in the fields of peace and community building and has gained a highly respected reputation on both sides of the Iber River. CBM’s reputation as an example of ground-breaking frontline inter-ethnic cooperation is not confined to Mitrovica or Kosovo, but extends beyond.

CBM has 20 (twenty) years of experience, active engagement in the Mitrovica region and Kosovo, aiming to identify and advance common interests of citizens through facilitation of interethnic dialogue and advocacy, as well as strengthening civil society and ensuring accountability in institutions.  However even today, in 2021 Mitrovica still is not a safe place where people can freely move and exchange ideas, or where institutions are accountable, or civil society is strong and mobilised. To address these pressing issues, CBM identifies, encourages and facilitates joint actions of citizens in the Mitrovica region in order to promote cooperation, coexistence and democratic values. It has continuously worked to empower communities to work together and establish the means for peaceful co-existence.

Background and purpose of the consultancy

CBM has witnessed significant changes in its community, inter-ethnic relations, political context and the immediate CSO environment. These changes have impacted CBM in different ways and require strategic agility, including regarding CBM’s programmatic focus and its strategic positioning.  Therefore, CBM is engaged in a process of organisational development (supported by PeaceNexus) and has decided to develop a new organisational strategy with expert support.

The 2021- 2024 organisational strategy should:

  • Be based on a) a basic review of the organisation’s previous work with a critical and learning lens (where is the organisation particularly effective and successful, where is it not, what can it build on, etc.), and b) an updated context analysis, including anticipated trends and adaptation measures that CBM should take to position itself in this environment.
  • Chart a compelling vision which is informed by consultation of CBM’s stakeholders, target groups and governance bodies and which outlines CBM’s unique value proposition.
  • Articulate clear strategic objectives and spell out the intervention logic, approach and capacities that CBM should deploy to achieve them.
  • Map the implications of the new strategy on the organisation’s internal structure and processes and chart a clear operational plan to make the internal changes required for the implementation of the strategy.
  • Create a sufficient basis for CBM to articulate measure and articulate its results.

Role and deliverables of the consultant

To meet the above-mentioned objectives, CBM will expected the selected consultant(s) to:

  • Conduct a basic review of CBM’s recent work and help CBM undertake consultations with key stakeholders and update its context analysis.
    • Deliverables: Inception report outlining a) the consultant’s findings from his/her preliminary review of documents b) the proposed plan (list of interviewees and questions) for the consultations; Report from the consultations (feedback from stakeholders about CBM and context analysis findings) and facilitated discussions of the findings.
  • Facilitate strategy development workshops and support CBM in drafting the corresponding strategy document.
    • Deliverables: preparation and facilitation of strategy development workshops; drafting support on the strategy as required by CBM.
  • Ensure that the final strategic framework clearly identifies CBM’s impact ambitions and provides a stronger basis (key impact ambitions and indicators) for a stronger monitoring and communication of results.
    • Deliverables:  finalisation of the strategy based on CBM feedback; co-development of the results framework part of the strategy and identification of how M&E will be performed at the strategic level.
  • Help CBM identify how it should organise itself (structure/division of organisational roles) to optimally deliver on the strategy.
    • Deliverables: Facilitate the development of an operational plan that charts out how the organisation will deliver on its strategy (approaches, structure, capacities) and clarifies the organisational division of roles and responsibilities.

Timeframe & coordination

This assignment is expected to require approximately 30 consultancy days and is anticipated to be carried out over a period of 6 months, starting in March 2021.

The consultant(s) will work closely with the CBM staff, which will supervise the consultant’s work, progress and deliverables. The progress will be assessed on a regular basis so that any required adaptation can be agreed in a timely manner. Ideally, this assignment would require face-to-face workshops with CBMs’ team in Mitrovica. However, this will need to be confirmed in line with any pandemic-related restrictions.

Consultancy Competencies, Experience and Skill Requirements:

Individual consultants and team of consultants possessing the qualifications outlined below are invited to apply.

  • Demonstrated track record of successfully facilitating participatory strategy development
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating organisational development of non-profit organisations, including in relation to the development/revision of organisational structures
  • Mitrovica, Kosovo and regional (Western Balkans) context (socio-political context)
  • Familiarity with CBM’s themes (Peace, reconciliation, conflict transformation, human rights advocacy, youth activism, social entrepreneurship, CSO development, work with institutions)
  • Experience with the development of Monitoring and Evaluation plans
  • Programme design & methodological experience in relation with CBM’s fields of work will be considered an asset.
  • Experience with donor relations will be considered an asset.

Deadline and submission of expression of interest

If you are interested in supporting our strategy development and meet the criteria, please send us your application via email at with the subject reading “Strategy development procurement” no later than 31.03.2021.

Your application package should include:

  • Expression of interest indicating your understanding of the assignment and relevant skills and experiences with strategy development, including the CV’s of all engaged.
  • Proposed methodology and related time-frame. In case you are applying as a team of consultants your methodological offer should also clarify how you will divide the work.
  • Financial proposal comprising detailed quotation for the assignment, showing working days and expected fee, availability as well as travel costs from place of residence to Mitrovica and back;
  • Contact details of two references/previous clients that can comment on your ability to accompany strategy development

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in the week 12.04.2021.

Incomplete proposals shall not be considered for further process. Proposals received after the exact time specified for receipts of offer shall be considered late and shall not be evaluated.

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