Craftsman/Jewellery Maker/Gemstone Carver – 50% Part Time

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Nexus Studio - a visual artist from Germany doing sculpture mixed with media art is searching for a personal assistant to do jewellery and other artisanal works in part time (50%).


For my actual Sculpture project I will need you to carve Gemstones.
The work is done with small grinding and polishing tools like dentists have. The project after that mainly consists of wood-veneer work.
We will have weekly meetings to discuss progress.

You can work from home and you will get all the tools you need.
No experience is needed as I will give you detailed instructions. Fine motor skills are required.
Job starts on 01.05.22, Job interviews will be between 02.04.22 - 15.04.22
Local custom payment with bonus payments. Students also welcome.

General Qualifications:

You don't need any special qualification or degree but the following is expected:

  • you should have very good fine motor skills
  • if you have any qualifications as a Goldsmith/Jewellery maker or artisan these are of course welcome
  • You need to speak a good English or German
  • you can think outside the box

It is an advantage for you if you are generally interested in learning 3D modelling computer programms for future projects.

Your Benefits:

  • You will be working with the most beautiful jewellery materials helping to create unique objects.
  • It is a part time job - 19 hours per week.
  • You can work from home, all you need is a table, you don't need to drive to work, and you can freely choose when you want to work.
  • You don't need to worry about tools and equipment, I will organize it.
  • If everything goes well there is a long-term perspective with an option for full time from October.

To Apply:

Applications from the whole Kosovo are welcome but the Job Interview will be in Pristina.
Please send your Email application until 04.04.2022 to with your contact details and a description why you fit to this job.

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