Consultant with expertise in Women, Peace and Security

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International consultant with expertise in Women, Peace and Security

ISSUED BY OSCE Mission in Kosovo
VACANCY TYPE Experts/Consultants
DUTY STATION Prishtine / Pristina
DATE OF ISSUE 24 March 2021
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION 8 April 2021 - 23:59 Central European Time (CET/CEST)


Since 2012, the OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the OSCE Mission to Serbia facilitated a series of meetings that brought together prominent women from Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade, known as the “Follow Us” Initiative. Members of the Initiative exchanged views on best practices for women empowerment in both societies, and explored the role of women in peacebuilding and dialogue. As part of the Initiative’s action plan, the OSCE Dialogue Academy for Young Women (Dialogue Academy - DA) from Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade was established in 2015. The 10-day programme consists of interactive learning modules, group work, learning-by-doing, role-play, reading assignments, development of joint project ideas and discussions with prominent speakers, covering the following topics: women in politics; dialogue, mediation and negotiation; public advocacy; the role of women in peace and security; and violence against women and girls. Through the programme, participants share their experiences and establish personal and professional connections over common challenges within and between both societies, further implementing joint activities to better relationships between young people from Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade. Until the date, six editions of the Dialogue Academy were implemented, benefitting altogether 141 participants. Five editions took place in the Peace Castle in Stadtschlaining, Austria (2015-2019), while the sixth edition of the Dialogue Academy was held online. The structure and content of the programme was kept the same in first five editions, while sixth edition was extended and adjusted to online implementation. In order to improve the content and structure of the Dialogue Academy, the Mission seeks to conduct an external evaluation of the programme.

Scope of the evaluation

OSCE Mission in Kosovo is seeking to hire an international expert to evaluate to what extent the Dialogue Academy enhances leadership capacities of young women to become advocates for strengthening dialogue and promoting peace building between Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade. The evaluation will focus on the following questions:

1.) Results

a. Relevance: To which extent are the programme and modalities of the Dialogue Academy relevant to improve the lacking capacities of young women in Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade in the field of leadership, dialogue and peace building? To what extent the project results and objective took into consideration the interest of different communities and vulnerable groups of young women? To which extent do the different modalities of the Dialogue Academy enhance comfortable atmosphere for exchange of the ideas and building confidence between participants?

b. Effectiveness: To which extent are the programme and structure of the Dialogue Academy effective in achieving the results (outputs and their contribution to outcomes)? What factors account for these results? Were there any unanticipated results? What was not achieved and why? Who will benefit/benefits the most from the achieved results? To what degree were the results achieved equitably distributed among the targeted stakeholder groups?

c. Efficiency: To which extent are human, financial and material resources adequate in terms of quality and quantity to achieve results?

d. Coherence and added value: To which extent the Dialogue Academy complements other Mission’s interventions? To which extent is the Dialogue Academy aligned with already existing OSCE policies on Gender Equality? To which extent does the Mission provide meaningful contribution to strengthening sustainable dialogue and promoting peacebuilding between Prishtinë/Priština and Belgrade? To which extent are different groups of stakeholders confident they will be able to build on the changes introduced by the initiative?

2.) Collaboration with the main stakeholders

a. How effective is the Mission’s collaboration with the main stakeholders in implementation of the Dialogue Academy (planning, coordination and implementation)?

3.) Lessons learned and recommendations:

a. What lessons learned and recommendations can be extracted to inform further editions of the Dialogue Academy? What unsuccessful practices can be identified to avoid in future planning and implementation of the Dialogue Academy?

Evaluation methodology

The evaluator will be selected based on the proposed draft methodology for the evaluation. The draft methodology should include as mandatory chapters: background, strategy and approach, including proposed evaluation questions with matrix consisting of preliminary indicators and means of verification, understanding of the task as per the ToR, key issues and limitations for the evaluation to be conducted, integration of cross-cutting issues in the evaluation, risks, methodological approach for evaluation, timeframe and work plan. Upon selection of the evaluator, detailed evaluation methodology will be then finalised by the evaluator, based on feedback by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. The evaluation will ensure that key stakeholders and beneficiaries will be consulted. The evaluation will involve the following:

  • Desk review of all relevant documents, including research and evaluation of similar programmes in Western Balkans;
  • Interviews, surveys and/or group discussions with OSCE staff, beneficiaries and partners.

The duration of consultancy is 22 working days.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The international consultant/evaluator will work in close cooperation with the Evaluation Manager, under overall supervision of the evaluation Reference Group. The international consultant will be expected to perform the following duties:

  • To conduct desk research through the review of the Dialogue Academy documents submitted to evaluator by the Evaluation Manager
  • To identify specific examples of similar initiatives in the Western Balkans to use as a benchmark comparator with the Dialogue Academy
  • To design tools for primary data collection among all relevant stakeholders, beneficiaries and interlocutors, and deliver the data collection
  • Analyse the collected data and assess the performance of the Dialogue Academy as per the questions above (note: the data collection will be performed online);
  • In consultation with the Evaluation Manager and Reference Group identify results, progress, strengths and weaknesses of the Dialogue Academy; and
  • Formulate recommendations for future Dialogue Academy editions, including potential activities and proposals for changes, if any, to be designed/implemented in the near- to mid-term.

Key Deliverables

  • Within 5 days of contract signature, to submit a detailed evaluation methodology with timelines;
  • Within 45 days, to deliver a first draft of the report. In addition, a summary of a report in the form of PowerPoint presentation is to be presented to the Reference Group who will provide comments;
  • Within 60 days of contract signature to submit the final evaluation report, taking into account feedback given by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo. The final evaluation report will be written in English and fully in line with OSCE Mission in Kosovo’s writing and reporting standards. The report shall not exceed 30 pages (excluding annexes) and the structure of the report should include the following:

- Table of Contents (1 page)

- Executive summary (max. 2 pages)

- Methodology (max. 4 pages)

- Analysis and findings (max. 15 pages)

- Lessons learned (max. 5 pages)

- Conclusions and Recommandations (max. 3 pages)

- Annexes (including interviews list, data collection instruments, full list of evaluation questions with indicators and Means of Verifications, key documents consulted).

Necessary Qualifications 

  • Advanced university degree in Social Sciences, Gender Equality, International relations, Political Science or any other relevant field
  • At least 7 to 10 years of experience of working within the field of Women, Peace and Security
  • Good knowledge of the political environment in the region
  • Proven expertise and track record in design and delivery of programme evaluations, comparative reviews and/or policy research
  • Excellent writing and reporting skills
  • Fluent in written and oral English language
  • Submitted draft evaluation methodology.

Remuneration Package 

Remuneration will depend on the qualifications and experience of individual experts as well as the detailed work plan to be agreed upon and will be based on the current OSCE consultancy rates.

How To Apply

Note that with the application form we also require submission of draft evaluation methodology, as explained under Evaluation methodology and Qualifications.

In to apply for this position you must complete the OSCE's online application form and we also require submission of draft evaluation methodology, as explained under Evaluation methodology and Qualifications,  found under are encouraged to use the online recruitment and only fully completed OSCE applications will be accepted. However, if you have technical difficulties with the system you may use the offline application form found under and forward the completed form quoting the vacancy number by e-mail to: In line with your qualifications please indicate preference to one or more field of expertise listed above (while using the onlineapplication the field of expertise preference can be indicated in the cover letter part). Kindly note that applications received after the deadline, submitted in different formats than the OSCE Application Form or in other languages than the English language would not be considered. The OSCE is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious, ethnic and social backgrounds to apply.

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