Consultant – Assessing health impacts of household air pollution

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Contractual Arrangement: External consultant
Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days): 10 months

Job Posting: Apr 6, 2022, 2:03:41 PM
Closing Date: Apr 20, 2022, 11:59:00 PM
Primary Location: Pristina
Organization: EU_KOS WHO Office, Pristina
Schedule: Part-time

1. Purpose of the Position

Under the supervision of a WHO staff member, the selected consultant will work closely with the focal point and team from Institute of Public Health (IPH) to support them in assessing and estimating health effects of household air pollution in selected municipalities/regions in Kosovo.

2. Organizational context

The work will be carried out under the Healthier Kosovo project. Healthier Kosovo is a joint UN project implemented by WHO, UNDP and UNV that aims to decrease the burden of disease from air pollution, climate change, and medical waste. This will be accomplished through strengthening institutional capacities, raising awareness, empowering environment & health CSOs, and community engagement.

3. Description of duties

Under the supervision of a WHO staff member and in close collaboration with respective WHO technical staff, the consultant will perform the following tasks:

  • Coordinate closely with focal point and team from IPH in designing and carrying out all the tasks.
  • Conduct a situational assessment to identify the data availability & needs related to household air pollution in Kosovo (use of unclean fuels, unclean technologies, etc.)
  • Based on the findings from above, design a survey with the purpose of assessing the presence of air pollutants in households from select municipalities and regions (as agreed with IPH). Among others this survey should identify the sources of this pollution, the most vulnerable and exposed household members, etc. The survey will be designed with suggestions from IPH when possible. Existing WHO, UNICEF, World Bank surveys can also be used but modified to fit the local context.
  • Carry out an analysis of health effects from indoor air pollution using the survey results and other available data & write report with main findings.
  • Assist IPH to write their own report with the findings of the analysis.
  • All the work should be done closely with IPH and other relevant stakeholders with the purpose of transferring the knowledge.


  • Situational assessment report
  • Designed survey template
  • HIA report for household air pollution
  • Monthly reports

4. Recruitment Profile

Functional Knowledge and Skills


  • Excellent writing skills demonstrated by reports & publications from previous work experience.
  • Excellent communication skills with different stakeholders in complex settings.
    Ability to work and collaborate with stakeholders representing different institutions and entities.
  • Knowledge of WHOs work in the Euro region, including WHO guidelines and publications in the areas of air pollution and health impact assessment.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.

Education Qualifications


  • Master’s degree in public health, environmental epidemiology, environmental health, and other related fields.



  • 7 years in supporting health authorities and relevant stakeholders to assess health impacts from indoor air pollution.
  • 2+ years experience delivering trainings/capacity building.
  • Previous experience working with local/central health authorities and international organizations.


  • Previous experience in supporting parties to implement and transpose WHO guidelines into existing practices and protocols.
  • Work experience in the Balkans region.



  • Excellent English writing and speaking skills.