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Job announcement

Position: Chief Executive Officer


The PBC Academy Chief Executive will lead the Academy to achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, and will play a key role in developing its diverse educational and training agenda at a local, regional and national level. He/she will be responsible and accountable to the Board for the formulation, development and implementation of the strategies necessary to secure and successfully position PBC Academy for the future. To be successful in this role you will need to have the ability to provide inspirational, dynamic and forward-thinking leadership consistent with the values and ethos of the Academy.
Requirements of the Post holder

  1. Vision, Strategy & Leadership

Provide inspirational leadership to staff and learners whilst ensuring the delivery of outstanding organizational, vocational, and academic performance across a broad spectrum of activity, including the promotion of excellence in teaching and learning.

Work with the board to formulate a strategic vision and deliver an outstanding and responsive academic and business strategy that meets the needs of changes in the patterns of learners.

Translate the agreed business plan and strategy into operational objectives, and lead and motivate the Executive Team to formulate and deliver the operational plans to achieve these objectives.

2. Governance & Management

Provide professional advice to the board on matters connected with the Academy’s educational character, mission and vision, acting in accordance with the relevant legislation, codes of practice and regulations.

Ensure that the board and its Committees are kept fully informed of key aspects of performance, major developments and projects and, ensure that the Academy works efficiently and effectively.

Lead the Academy’s strategic planning processes within the framework set by the Board. Oversee the collation, dissemination, monitoring, review and evaluation of the strategic plan within the timescales required by the Board and appropriate external stakeholders.

Working within agreed values, create and maintain a highly professional management structure consistent with the Academy’s ethos and culture, and at the same time ensure an inclusive and supportive environment that engages staff and learners to work creatively and effectively.

Ensure that all activities of the Academy are conducted to the highest possible standards of integrity and transparency, and are aligned with its strategic goals.

Ensure that the Academy fulfills all statutory and regulatory obligations, ethical, financial, legal obligations and other requirements of Government and other agencies. Ensure that the Academy has in place robust arrangements for the identification, management and control of risk, and that the processes of risk management are fully embedded.

Ensure that all activities are carried out in such a way as to positively promote equality of opportunity, and encourage diversity and inclusion.

Ensure that health, safety, well-being, safeguarding and security strategies meet legislative requirements to ensure that welcoming, safe learning and working environments are in place and maintained on all the Academy's premises.

3. Academy Development

Promote and enhance the reputation, profile and interests of the Academy, creating and maintaining partnerships that will bring new opportunities for revenue and income streams, learners, staff and the community.

Actively undertake a key local, regional and national role in influencing the debate and future direction of further and higher education strategies that impact on local and regional skills, economic and social inclusion.

Possess and encourage a forward thinking, flexible and responsive approach across the Academy, towards changes in the external environment to ensure rapid responses to opportunities in order to maximize income generation and create new income streams.

Maintain, negotiate, develop, and encourage effective and mutually supportive sustainable links with relevant, influential external bodies.

4. Management of Resources

Obtain the highest possible level of efficiency of the human, physical and financial resources of the Academy, ensuring that excellent financial, resource and strategic management of its diverse portfolio of activity is in place.

Ensure that all assets are used for the purpose intended in accordance with the appropriate regulations; that timely and accurate budgets, estimates and reports of income, expenditure and other management and financial account information are prepared; and that there are proper and effective management controls in place to ensure the financial health of the Academy.

5. Education Provision and Training

Ensure the Academy provides a relevant, inclusive and progressive curriculum, which is accessible to students of all abilities, challenges disadvantage and exclusion, exhibits high quality teaching and learning, and makes the most effective use of all its resources and opportunities.

Ensure that the Academy’s educational provision is regularly reviewed, that timely action is taken to ensure that it is of the highest quality, and also that it reflects changes in demand, the requirements of learners, employers, funders and the wider external environment.

Consult actively and engage with learners in a positive way, ensuring that there are mechanisms in place for effective two-way communication with all learners so that the Academy is recognized as placing the learner at the heart of its endeavors.

6. Ambassadorial Role

Act as an exceptional ambassador for the Academy with the capacity to command credibility and respect in order to maintain and enhance its position as an outward facing institution that is strategically influential in the sector.

Nominate and mentor appropriate representatives to maintain and develop effective links with all appropriate external organizations.

The successful candidate will be:

A strong, forward thinking and inspirational leader who demonstrates commitment to the Academy’s values and ethos, and has the robustness, unwavering enthusiasm and tenacity to meet the needs of this demanding post.



  • First degree or equivalent
  • Leadership development programme or similar specializations

Knowledge and Experience

  • Proven experience of successful high level leadership of an educational or similar organization of equivalent scale and complexity.
  • A track record of setting, responding to, and successfully delivering challenging performance targets through robust quality management procedures.
  • Proven experience of building and developing a high performing Executive Team as well as managing a workforce of a significant size.
  • Experience of working in a successful learner focused environment as well as knowledge and awareness of changes in the patterns of learners.
  • A successful track record of operating as a high-level Ambassador and being the public face of an organization.
  • Experience of successfully developing, and sustaining key relationships both internally and externally.

Abilities, Skills and Competencies

  • Academic and intellectual capacity and credibility
  • Business acumen and be financially astute.
  • The ability to grow and reshape an organization while retaining quality in its core provision and services.
  • The ability to manage resources, scrutinize, finances, address risk and ensure transparency in the use of funds.
  • Entrepreneurial ability in order to identify and develop new opportunities to enhance the Academy’s reputation, brand, status and generate new income streams.
  • Proven ability to lead different provision formats within an organization, accommodating different requirements and achieving cohesion.
  • Excellent negotiating and influencing skills with the presence and credibility to represent the Academy in a range of settings whilst demonstrating political awareness and the capacity to negotiate flexibly with stakeholders.
  • The ability to command respect and exercise influence in peer networks.
  • The ability to absorb and probe information quickly in order to identify, debate and challenge complex issues.

Personal Qualities

  • A high level of personal integrity.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Innovative and creative thinking.
  • Highly developed, effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Passion, presence and credibility to inspire, lead and develop staff.
  • Drive, resilience and enthusiasm.
  • A fundamental commitment to fairness, combined with the ability to generate trust and confidence.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.


Please, apply before October 31, 2020 through

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