CFP: South-Eastern Europe 2021

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Call for Proposals
South-Eastern Europe 2021

medica mondiale - In action for women

medica mondiale is a non-governmental organization which stands up for women and girls in war and conflict zones throughout the world. medica mondiale supports women’s organizations working at the local, regional or national level to protect and promote the rights of women and girls affected by sexualized and gender based violence, regardless of political, ethnic or religious affiliation. Throughout our support we adopt a trauma sensitive and holistic approach. Together with women’s organisations from around the world, we are committed to helping women to lead a dignified and self-determined life.

Regional focus – South-Eastern Europe

medica mondiale has started to work in the region in 1993 by providing interdisciplinary support to female survivors of war rape and other forms of sexualized and gender-based violence.

A regional concept for South-Eastern Europe was developed, it sets four basic goals:

  1. To empower survivors of SGBV by trauma-sensitive direct services, such as psychosocial counselling (individual, group), medical care, legal advice, self-help groups, and income generating activities.
  2. Improving access to qualitative health-care services for people affected by SGBV
  3. To enhance access to reparation schemes for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence through advocacy and awareness raising.
  4. To foster knowledge sharing and learning among women’s organizations in the Western Balkans.


This year’s call for proposal aims at improving the situation of women and girls affected by sexualized and gender-based violence perpetrated during or after the war in the region by focusing on the subject of

Dealing with the past: Increasing recognition and access to transitional justice mechanisms for survivors of war-related SGBV.

Projects can highlight one or more of the following aspects of Dealing with the past1:

  • Ensuring the right to justice
  • Ensuring the right to know
  • Ensuring the right to reparation

We explicitly welcome projects, which - besides the mentioned thematic focus - also foster collaboration, learning and networking in the region. In this regard, we are also interested in supporting different types of organisations, which complement each other in their approaches, such as: Organisations, which:

  • Provide Direct Services,
  • focus on Advocacy Work
  • focus on qualification / education
  • Focus on research
  • Focus on organisational development of other CSO
  • others

Please specify in your application the type(s) of organisation which corresponds best to your organisation.

Regional priority in this call are Kosovo and Croatia or proposals with a regional approach. Proposals with regional focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina or Serbia are also welcome but will be considered with second priority.


This call for proposals addresses women rights organizations in the following countries: Croatia and Kosovo (first priority); Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia (second priority). They must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Organizations directed and led by women
  • Organizations whose primary mission is the protection and promotion of women’s rights with these goals clearly reflected in their work.
  • Organizations working on issues directly related to medica mondiale’s theme: combating and preventing sexualized and gender based violence against women in war and conflict zones.
  • Organizations that support women and girls regardless of ethnicity, religion, political belief, sexual orientation, social status, or age.
  • Organizations working for social structural change to end violence against women.
  • Organizations that actively include the perspectives of the women and girls they support.
  • Organizations working in collaboration with others in the human and women’s rights movement.
  • Organizations formally registered as non-governmental and non-profit organizations.
  • Organizations which are currently not funded by medica mondiale

medica mondiale does not fund individuals, scholarships, organizations founded or led by government entities or political parties.

General Information

Project duration

The Project duration is maximum one year for organizations who apply for the first time.

For organizations, which we already funded in the past, there is the possibility to submit project proposal with a duration of maximum two years.

Funding amount

For projects with a duration of maximum one year, grants range in size from EURO 5.000 to EURO 15.000. Two organisations can send a joint application for a project with an overall funding amount of max. EURO 30.000.

For projects set up for two years the maximum grants amount EUR 30.000.

Only one grant per year will be given to any organization.

How to apply

Please send your project proposal via E-Mail to until 6th January 2020.

Proposals received after this date will not be considered in the selection process.

If you have questions regarding your application, please contact Applications can be submitted in German or English, via e-mail only.

Under the following link you can find the grants application form and guidelines (Word.docx), as well as the budget form (.xls) ( program.html --> How to apply).

Only project applications submitted in the above-mentioned format, grants application form (.docx) and the budget form (.xls) will be considered.

Selection Process

Upon receiving your proposal, we will get back to you, usually within four weeks, with a first feedback on your project or a request for additional information. Final decisions may take up to 3 months. Please note that medica mondiale is not able to award a grant to all deserving applicants.

More information.

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