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Are you a student interested in public policies and democratization?

If yes, then please apply for our second call for participation in our program

Independent research work on important policy issues of a society is key, as it can produce an unbiased assessment of such issues and support constructively policy making process. From policy identification to policy evaluation and reformulation. It is especially important as it allows a constructive and informed public discourse of such issues. Solidar Suisse would like to continue to use its expertise in this area in the coming phase to support young peoples' initiatives. These initiatives are intended to aim at social justice but will not be further narrowed down thematically at programme start.

A first hurdle for political participation and co-determination is often the lack of information. Solidar Suisse would therefore like to improve access to information on political business in the coming phase of the programme. This includes background information, but also information on the positions of the various political forces. A grant scheme might be a possible project type to identify citizens' initiatives and provide support in the areas of information (research and surveys), position (development of position papers and policy briefs) and promotion (media relations, campaigns or communication with authorities). Projects to oppose gender-based violence or in the field of political education for young people and the promotion of their political participation are also possible Interventions within this component.

To this end, Solidar Suisse plans to support independent student’s organizations publishing simple, neutral texts on important political issues, conducting neutral political online surveys and publishing blogs of leading members of the national parliament. To set up such student organizations in Kosovo and Bosnia, a cooperation with a Swiss student association shall be established.

Students in an organized form can make this happen. One of them is Vimentis, a Swiss Student's association. Since 2003, Vimentis has published neutral texts on votes and other important political issues in Switzerland. Every year they also conduct the largest neutral political online survey and publish blogs of leading national parliamentarians. Their impact has been astonishing. We, at Solidar Suisse, think that this may work in Kosovo too. Hence we are looking for the students that would join and lead such initiative.

What are we looking?

  • Students interested for research. Ones that have shown success and interest with that during studies. Ones who see themselves doing it a lot in the future.
  • Students that want to play active role in policy making no matter policies they are interested. Can be Education, Health, Democracy, Youth, Economic development. You name it!
  • Students who would want to organize themselves for sake of public benefit.

What to expect from involvement?

  • You will learn basic and advanced research skills for assessment of public policies through a tailor made training and mentorship provided by highly qualified project team and associates of Solidar Suisse.
  • You will be provided support for assessment of policy issues you are interested. Your own choice.
  • We will provide technical assistance and many other support for students willing to start an organized initiative of students.
  • You could be part of research student teams with students from Switzerland in the fields as part of integral part of Vimentis research activities.

This is a second call for interested students to build a similar initiative in Kosovo. We already have an existing student group of students and we want to enrich it with more in next few calls we will publish.

If you are interested to be part of such initiatives, to gain access to excellent research and to become part of a vibrant research teams with Swiss colleagues on different policy issue topicspublishing simple, neutral texts on important political issues, conducting neutral political online surveys and publishing blogs of leading members of the national parliament.

Please apply by sending a letter of interest and your Curriculum Vitae in the email bellow. Please do so by August 10th, 2020.

If you would like to know more about Solidar Suisse or Vimentis, you can also contact us.

Mihane Nartilë Salihu-Bala


Phone: +38344151778;

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