Call for Expressions of Interest to Facilitate Financing to SMEs

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Western Balkans Engines of Growth Activity: Call for Expressions of Interest to Facilitate Financing to SMEs

The overall purpose of the USAID Engines of Growth (EoG) Activity is to facilitate Western Balkans (Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo) small and medium enterprise (SME) resilience, growth, and job creation by improving their access to and utilization of appropriate finance.  EoG will help mobilize capital in order to sustain viable SMEs and jobs in the wake of COVID 19 in the near term, and will promote improved SME growth financing in the long term.

Expressions of Interest (EoI)

Due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, many SMEs in the Western Balkans struggling to hold on to their markets and to access much needed liquidity to stay in business.  To accomplish this objective EoG seeks to identify a local pool of financial consultants and consulting companies (ie. Business Advisory Service Providers (BASPs) with expertise and capabilities in strategic business planning, financial analysis and financial engineering, etc. to mobilize capital to viable SMEs with the primary purpose of restoring productivity and retaining employment.

EoI Submission Deadline:  December 16, 2020, 5:00 PM Washington DC Time

⇒ The full Call for EOI can be found at the following link:

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