Bilateral scholarships for academic year 2021/2022

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Bursa nga Sllovenia

Thirrje për aplikim për vitin akademik 2021-2022

Ministria e Arsimit dhe Shkencës,  informon të gjithë studentët të cilët vijojnë studimet në institucionet e arsimit të lartë për ofrimin e bursave nga Sllovenia për shkëmbim.

Ju njoftojmë se bursat nuk janë për regjistrim në universitetet në Slloveni. Studentët e regjistruar në institucione të akredituara dhe licencuara në Kosovë, mund të aplikojnë për një periudhë të caktuar për studime. Bursat ofrohen në muaj siç është përcaktuar në marrëveshjen bilaterale me Slloveninë.

Ju lutem lexoni me kujdes thirrjen për aplikim të cilën e gjeni në webfaqen e MASH (Slovenia-bilateral-scholarships-2021-22 call) ku gjeni informatat e detajuara se si aplikohet, cilat janë dokumentet që kërkohen si dhe rregullat e programit. Kontrolloni linçet e nevojshme dhe shikoni format për kompletim të dokumenteve dhe detaje të tjera. Gjatë komunikimit me universitetin, i njoftoni se jeni duke aplikuar në kuadër të kësaj marrëveshje.

Afati për aplikim është nga data 09.02.2021 deri më 22.02.2021. Dokumentet dorëzohen në Ministrinë e Arsimit dhe Shkencës - zyra e protokollit, kati përdhesë nr. 4.

Ju dëshirojmë suksese në aplikim!



The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (hereafter referred to as the "Ministry") hereby offers the number of scholarship months to foreign nationals, on the basis of bilateral agreements (between the governments/ministries) and reciprocity with the following countries:

  • Kosovo 18

Scholarships are awarded to applicants nominated by the competent authorities of eligible countries.

This scholarships scheme is designed for university/college students or graduates and Ph.D. applicants who wish to accomplish a part of their study at one of the Slovenian institution of higher education. A part of postgraduate study is based on individual works under the supervision of Slovenian professor/mentor.

Its length usually ranges from 3 to 10 months depending upon the agreement concerned that specifies also the categories of eligible recipients.

The scholarship cannot be awarded for a complete course of study leading to a degree. Neither can the scholarship be granted for any Slovenian language course.

Please note that tuition fee can not be covered from this scholarship.

Majority of the applications are admitted for short time study stay or research visits by doctoral students/candidates (i.e. they either attend non-degree courses of their choice, or pursue an independent research activity at the host institutions, depending on their qualifications and preferences). In compliance with the applicable legal regulations, decisions on admission to research or study stays are taken by the institutions of higher education.

Applicants are therefore obliged to contact the selected university directly and request a Letter of Acceptance from the relevant department. Applicants are requested to point out to the selected university that they are applying for a scholarship award under the bilateral agreement.

The age limit of the applicants for study stays is 26 years (the applicant may not complete 26 years of age before the end of the scholarship period) and 30 years for research visit.

The applicants for study stays should be proficient in the Slovene language, unless the working language is agreed upon with the mentor/supervisor.

All applicants should indicate the preferred period of scholarship in their application form. The Ministry reserves the right to change the requested term of scholarship and/or place any applicant to a course and/or higher education institution different from those indicated in his/her scholarship application form, if admission as requested by the applicant is not feasible.

Additional information and conditions:

Student mobility can be carried out only when student activities are taking place physically and when corresponding student dormitories are open and accepting students.

Student is eligible to receive scholarship only for physically mobility.


The implementation of this scholarships programme in the Republic of Slovenia is assigned to the national agency: CMEPIUS – Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Mobility and European Educational and Training Programmes. 

The nominations (main and reserve list) and application dossiers of applicants must be submitted to the CMEPIUS by the competent authorities (usually respected ministries of education, government agencies) of eligible countries. 

Competent authorities present the nominations before the deadline set in the relevant agreements, in most cases by March, 31 2021. The closing dates for applications fixed by the competent authorities are necessarily earlier (normally by several months). Prospective applicants are therefore advised to contact the respective competent authorities in time.

Each application dossier must comprise a copy of a completely and legibly filled out Application form and Letter of Acceptance* with the following required attachments which are also submitted in duplicate:

  • a photocopy of ID card or passport (page with the photography),
  • one Letter of recommendation for study stays and two Letters of recommendation for research stay from applicant’s home institution,
  • photocopy of diploma and/or certified transcript(s) of records,

All these documents must be written in or translated into Slovenian or English language. Incomplete application dossiers and/or inadequately completed application forms will not be processed.

Advice and further information can be provided by CMEPIUS using e-mail: and by the Slovenian Embassies in eligible countries.


The scholarship is awarded upon the decision issued by the Ministry. The applicants and the respective authorities will be notified by the CMEPIUS in May/June 2021.

There is no legal claim to the scholarship award. 

The scholarship is not transferable to another person.

While having this scholarship student can’t receive Erasmus, CEEPUS or any other Europenian Union sponsored scholarship.

For the academic year 2021/2022, the scholarship comprise of: 

  • 300 EUR* per month - its amount is periodically reviewed and adjusted each January*
  • free accommodation in the facilities (student dormitory) of the Student Centre of the Universities (paid for by the CMEPIUS directly to provider)
  • Subsidised meals - 2,63 EUR/per working day via Student Organisation of Slovenia
  • basic medical insurance for non-EU applicants if there is no bilateral agreement on health insurance between Slovenia and the applicant’s home country (paid for by the CMEPIUS directly to provider)

List of all accredited higher education institutions and study programmes in the Republic of Slovenia is available on the web-site of the SQAA - Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency For Higher Education

All the information, application form, Letter of Acceptance,… are available on the CMEPIUS’s web- site

For additional information send an e-mail to 

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