CFP: Preparation of architectural schematic design for Tourism Info Point in Prishtina

  • Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE)
  • Prishtinë
  • 16/09/2022
Grante Turizëm




The Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE) is a Swiss Agency for Development and  Cooperation (SDC) Kosovo project, implemented by Swisscontact in consortium with the  Riinvest Institute. PPSE is implementing its Phase III (November 2021 to November 2025). The  goal of the project is to facilitate operation of growing and resilient SMEs and farms in inclusive and consolidated economic sectors that provide decent work and income  opportunities for women and men in Kosovo. The project is focused on two main sectors:  Food and Natural Ingredients and Tourism.  

PPSE project has actively collaborated with the Municipality of Prishtina and the private sector  specifically in enriching the tourism offer in the capital, increasing the number of visitors and  extending the tourists’ length of stay in the destination of Prishtina. Thus, PPSE and the  Municipality of Prishtina have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the  installation/design of a new Tourism Info Center, development of tourism  products/attractions, as well as the activation of the InPrishtina portal and social media.  


The purpose of this call for proposal is the preparation of the architectural schematic design including the 3D visualisation, of a new Tourism Info Point in Prishtina. 

The three best architectural proposals, selected by PPSE and the Municipality of Pristina, will  be awarded with the following prizes: EUR 1,000 for the first prize; EUR 800 for the second  prize; and EUR 600 for the third prize.  

The Municipality of Pristina reserves the right to carry out the detailed design and construction/installation of the facility in line with the selected proposal.  


A new Tourism Info Point will be installed/constructed as a freestanding portable facility in prominent location such as Nena Tereza square in Pristina, where the current kiosk is set up. 

The principal task of the applicant is to prepare the architectural schematic proposal for the  Info Point Centre of approximately 50 m2 and the min usable height of 3 meters. The proposal  might be for a monolith facility or prefabricated modular kiosk. 

The facility should accommodate four employees and it should provide a space for up to four persons, as well for two computers where tourists can use the Internet. It should be heated and air-conditioned, and should include shelves for exhibiting touristic materials and placing  souvenirs, screen for video presentations, installation for charging phone etc. 

In addition, the applicant under this assignment should propose the list of the required  furniture, required for the proper use of the facility. 

The beneficiaries of this intervention are Pristina municipality, Kosovo residents and other  visitors. 

For this purpose, Swisscontact-PPSE is launching a call for proposal of architectural  schematic design for the Tourism Info Point Centre.  

The proposal should contain drawings, presented in appropriate scale to provide sufficient  and well-defined information in order to allow the beneficiary to evaluate the design.

The proposal should contain a summary and description of the design, with text and  visualizations in the form of a brochure in three (3) paper and electronic copies in A3  format, containing the following: 

  • site plan with and positioning of the building in the given location with the indicated  access to the facility
  • the architectural schematic design, including floor and roof layouts - all sections and views (facades)
  • colour 3D visualisations rendering portraying proposed materials
  • electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) proposal - water, sewage, and storm water drainage proposal
  • material description of the facility and furniture 

The design shall be in line with local building legislation and international building codes. Particular attentions shall be paid to safety and security standards and to the buildings’ energy  efficiency requirements, therefore in this context passive and low-energy design should be  taken into consideration, with the aim to rationalise and optimise energy expenditure while  adequately meeting the health and comfort requirements of users. 


The Tourism Info Point design must be an open, low-profile concept (no overhead structure)  without obstructing sight lines through the Nëna Teresa square and to the buildings and  stores adjacent. 


The materials proposed should be fashionable and of a high quality, resist wear and dirt  penetration and easily maintained, meeting local climate conditions. It is important to provide  highly durable finishes to all external Tourism Info Point Centre elements particularly corner  edge details and toe wall base areas.  

The facility shall be thermally insulated without thermal bridges and adequately soundproof. 

All surfaces should express creativity, quality, visual attraction, and should serve to reinforce  the image of the Info Point Centre. A preliminary list of acceptable materials may include:

  • Stainless steel or prefinished/perforated metal panels
  • Coloured aluminium composite panels
  • Back-painted/etched glass or acrylic
  • Marble, granite, or other stone slabs
  • Porcelain, ceramic, glass
  • Solid surface material
  • Pre-manufactured Powder coated or Electrostatic Metal Panels

or any other appropriate material for the purpose of the usage. 

The materials that should be avoided are non-durable finishes, plastic laminates, painted  drywall and untreated wood/plywood. 

Electrical material and lighting

Proper electrical material and lighting is essential and should be carefully selected.  Decorative light fixtures may be considered to enhance the design. The facility electrical  installation and lighting is to be integrated into the building and must be fully concealed and  not visible to the public. The use of LED lighting should be considered in an effort to reduce  energy consumption. The security camera is to be concealed in the interior architectural  elements of the building. Electronic surveillance equipment must limit coverage to only within the Tourism Info Point facility.  


The HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) shall be proposed with the schematic design, in line with the local climate conditions. The renewable energy sources could be  considered in order to reduce the energy consumption and contribute to improving air quality  and human health. 


Water and storm sewer connections should be available. All plumbing connections shall be  fully concealed. All plumbing fixtures, equipment and piping shall be forecasted within the  Tourism Info Point premises. 


The design of the furniture should comprise, but not limited to the following elements, such  as counters, office tables, seating/chairs and any other furniture or equipment required for  the proper utilization of the Tourism Info Point facility. They must match the high quality of the facility and not damage the floor. 


Swisscontact and the Municipality of Pristina will carry out the technical evaluation of the  submitted proposals, as per below defined selection criteria and select the best technical  proposal. 

A suitable design proposal will be considered one that aligns the following criteria:

1) Spatial solution (15 points) – the environmental and urban harmonization.

2) Functionality (25 points) – the functional reasoning of the solution, rational use of  space, the structures and equipment. 

3) Aesthetic (30 points) – originality of the solution and innovation and aesthetic values.

4) Materials and technologies (15 points) – maintainability of materials and  technologies used that ensures high durability and technological persistence, energy  alternative solution. 

5) Resistance to vandalism (15 points) – for the entire structure and for its parts, such  as the join details and a structure statically secured. 

Each individual design concept will be assigned point value based on the above stated criteria  that reflects the success of the proposed design solution. For the assessment, the evaluation  commission will use a scoring scale for each of the five (5) above criteria, reaching up to 100 points in total. These points will determine the overall scoring of the proposed design quality.

Based on the sum of the resulting values of the design proposed criteria, the evaluation  commission will establish the order of success of the individual proposal so that the highest  scoring proposal will be the most successful. 

Women are highly encouraged to apply.  


The schematic design proposal has to be provided in English and local languages (when  required) and each in three (3) paper (hard-copy) and electronic copies in PDF format, in the  form of a brochure in A3 format, as described under article 3 of this call for proposal. The  applicant is required to submit the proposal in person to the following address:  

St. Rruga Lorenc Antoni, No. 36, Pejton, Prishtinë, Kosovo 
Tel: +383 38 220 403 


The proposal shall be submitted on, 19th October by 16:00.