Open Call: Expert on Community Outreach Strategy

  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR)
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights - Kosovo (YIHR KS), Adrian Krasniqi, Pristina
  • 17/01/2023
Punë Shoqëri Civile



Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS), established in 2004, is a human rights organization which works towards protecting and promoting human rights and democratic values ​​not only in Kosovo but also in the Western Balkans region. In particular, YIHR KS is focused on the processes of dealing with the past, protecting human rights and the rule of law, and strengthening youth at the local and regional levels.

Background and purpose of the consultancy

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo is looking for an Expert to work with us and our members to develop our community outreach strategy, with a specific focus on outreach for ethnic non-minority communities and other vulnerable groups. YIHR KS is currently undergoing an organizational development process to address its internal and external challenges. The Community Outreach Strategy of YIHR KS is one of the key organizational documents and it should:

  • Be based on:
  1. a) a basic review of the organization’s previous work with a critical and learning lens (where is the organization particularly effective and successful in the terms of outreach strategy, especially with ethnic non-minority communities and other vulnerable groups, where is it not, what can it build on, etc.);
  2. b) an updated context analysis, including anticipated trends and adaptation measures that YIHR KS should take to position itself in this environment. 
  • Compose an outreach strategy by addressing the needs and requirements to reach out the ethnic non-minority communities and other vulnerable groups, which will orient YIHR KS on reaching the target groups effectively;
  • Chart a compelling vision which is informed by consultation of YIHR KS stakeholders, target groups and governance bodies and which outlines YIHR KS unique value proposition;
  • Articulate clear strategic objectives and spell out the intervention logic, approach and capacities that YIHR KS should deploy to achieve them;
  • Map the implications of the new strategy on the organization’s internal structure and processes and chart a clear operational plan to make the internal changes required for the implementation of the strategy;
  • Create a sufficient basis for YIHR KS to measure and articulate its results. 

The  Outreach Strategy should include:

  • Identify and analyze current outreach strategies and practices;
  • Identifies the special populations within the affected community;
  • Align YIHR KS’s community outreach strategy goals to capacities of the organization;
  • Provide clarity over outreach strategy priorities;
  • Ensure full operational focus and alignment with the organizational strategic objectives;
  • Provide guidance on how to follow the plan development process of the strategy;
  • Provide recommendations if needed for current strategic documents that YIHR KS has in place with regards to the outreach;
  • Suggests ways that the needs of those people less directly affected are also addressed.

Role and deliverables of the consultant:

To meet the above-mentioned objectives, YIHR KS will expect the selected consultant to:

  • Conduct desk research and consultations with YIHR KS staff, board and assembly of members, partners, donors, beneficiaries, and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Review past practices of YIHR KS, and objectives linked to community outreach strategy and provide feedback;
  • Compose and draft a measurable community outreach strategy that identifies the steps that YIHR KS shall take to reach its goal;
  • Facilitate outreach strategy workshops;
  • Ensure that the final community outreach strategy clearly identifies YIHR KS’s impact;
  • Meeting the timeframe and deadlines agreed with YIHR KS.

Timeframe & coordination:

The consultant will work closely with the YIHR KS staff, which will supervise the consultant’s work, progress and deliverables. The progress will be assessed on a regular basis so that any required adaptation can be agreed in a timely manner.

Consultancy Competencies, Experience and Skills Required:

Individual consultants possessing the qualifications outlined below are invited to apply. 

  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating organizational development of non-profit organizations, including in relation to the outreach strategy development;
  • Previous experience on projects related working with ethnic non-majority communities and other vulnerable groups;
  • Familiarity with YIHR KS’s mission, vision and its work in Kosovo and the Westren Balkans region;
  • Experience in supporting organizations with similar scope of work like YIHR KS;
  • Excellent facilitation, communication and writing skills.

Deadline and submission of expression of interest

If you are interested in supporting our strategy development process and meet the criteria, please send us your application via email at with the subject reading “Expert on Community Outreach Strategy” no later than February 12, 2023. Your application should include: 

  • Expression of interest indicating your understanding of the assignment and relevant skills and experiences with the strategy development, including the CV;
  • Proposed methodology and related timeframe;
  • Financial proposal comprising detailed quotation for the assignment, showing working days and expected fee and availability;
  • Contact details of two references/previous clients that can comment on your ability to accompany outreach strategy development.

Incomplete proposals will not be considered for further evaluation. Proposals received after the exact time specified for receipt of applications will not be evaluated.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.