Grants and Calls for Proposals

Ministria e Zhvillimit Rajonal Kosovë Gus, 11
CHwB Kosova Kosovë Gus, 10
BCSDN Kosovë Gus, 07
BCSDN Kosovë Gus, 07
German Marshall Fund Kosovë Gus, 07
Qendra Kinematografike e Kosovës Kosovë Kor, 22
One Young World Kosovë Kor, 15
National Geographic Kosovë Kor, 15
Japan Embassy Kosovo Kosovë Kor, 14
Japan Embassy Kosovo Kosovë Kor, 14
KCSF Kosovë Kor, 01
European Commission Kosovë Qer, 19
Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo Kosovë Maj, 15
German Federal Government Kosovë Pri, 27
  • This page provides latest calls and grant announcements for individuals, organizations and businesses in Kosovo, with purpose of increasing their access to funding and sources of financing for their ideas and proposals. 
  • Visit the Resources Page for a variety of documents to help and guide you through the hiring process.
  • Remarks: Listings published in Kastori have been sent or posted by third parties on our platform. We are not responsible for the content and authenticity of the listings.