Tips for writing a cover letter for university admission

Këshilla për shkrimin e një leter motivuese për pranim në universitet

Students are often requested to write a cover letter for application for a university course or program. Here are some key tips for writing a motivation letter.

Get to know yourself

The first important step is to sit down and focus on understanding why you are interested in this particular university or program. Write down at least five specific things that make you stand out from the crowd. You will then use those things in your letter to prove to the program panel that you are a good candidate.

Research the topic

Start with some research on the university, program, or course that you are applying to. Go as deep as you can. Find out details such as the mission, vision and motto of the school or even the learning outcomes of the program. These then expand as you begin to design your cover letter. The more specific and detailed you are in your letter the better. Also, research and look at examples of cover letters you can find online.

Develop the first draft

This is an important part of the process of writing your paper. In normal cases, it usually takes about 3-4 drafts to finalize a cover letter. In each draft write the main ideas and work in sort of sections. This helps the flow of your letter. For a cover letter the paragraphs should flow.

Check whether you have addressed the key questions

Who are you and what are you applying for? How did you find out about the program? Why do you want to study at school / course? What makes you the best candidate to be admitted? In summary, what qualifications, life experiences, work experiences and personal qualities have prepared you for university / program / course?

Finalize the letter

Make sure your letter is one page long, in the right font, and that you have checked for spelling and grammar. We also advise you to give it to some people to read and give you comments. It really helps.

Një letër motivimi është mundësia e juaj për të paraqitur veten si një kandidat i motivuar dhe shumë i gatshëm për të fituar hyrjen në një universitet / program / kurs. Bëjeni letrën tuaj një përshkrim personal  të vetes për të treguar se kush jeni dhe pse doni të pranoheni.


Examples of cover letters

Në Kastori kemi një numër Shembuj të letrave motivuese të shkëlqyeshme për profesione të ndryshme që ju mund t’i shkarkoni.

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